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Why We Need Biblical Prophecy – Derek Prince Sermons 2021

Source: Derek Prince

Why We Need Biblical Prophecy – Derek Prince Sermons 2021 , Listen to this message and stay motivated , the free sermon notes , PDF , Audio and even MP3 Download is now available.


Are you looking for the seed of the womb? Do you know that, after a convention of celebration, Hannah was mocked instead of receiving miracles she received insults.

Who knows how long Hannah went through the annual routine. It could have been a couple of years, or ten or more years. Maybe she went to Shiloh out of duty.

Maybe she went as a means of honouring her husband. Perhaps she simply went because it was tradition.

Yet Hannah went. Don’t let daily devotion become one of the many activities without results because results cancel every insult.

Thank God she later realized the importance of weeping prayer and skipping her meal to move heaven to honour her.

She added a vow to change her circumstances and situations. 1 Samuel 1:1-19. My point is that, if the Lord remembered Hannah, that same awesomely awesome God shall remember you in 2021

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