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Reviews: Goodluck Ojoduma - @seppromotions (Scam Or Legit)

Reviews: Goodluck Ojoduma – @seppromotions (Scam Or Legit)

Source: Goodluck Ojoduma

Reviews: Goodluck Ojoduma – @seppromotions (Scam Or Legit) , The best influencers you can use are fellow business owners! This works very well. So let’s play a game.

Reviews: Goodluck Ojoduma - @seppromotions (Scam Or Legit)
Goodluck Ojoduma

If you are a business owner. Comment below I’m ready to party. And like comment of other business owner that you feel has your kind of audience and not similar business with you. If they like back or anyone that like your comment that you feel you can work with DM them and partner with them. They promote for you and you promote for them.

Enjoy making sales !!

Summary: Reviews: Goodluck Ojoduma – @seppromotions (Scam Or Legit)

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4 thoughts on “Reviews: Goodluck Ojoduma – @seppromotions (Scam Or Legit)”

  1. Seppromotions (Goodluck Ese Ojoduma) is a SCAMMER. He collects money from you and promises to trade with it, he never pays profit in time and when you ask for your capital back, stories enter. I am a victim and I know about 4 other victims on Instagram. He keeps threatening his victims not to call him out or he’d report their Instagram pages till Instagram disables it. A word is enough for the wise! SCAM!


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