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StashBox (Scam Or Legit) – (Login and Register)

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Reviews: StashBox (Scam Or Legit) – (Login and Register) , Earn up to 14% per annum when you save or invest with @stashbox_ng.

How True is this promise ?


How many sources of income do you have?


One key step to financial freedom is having more than one source of income. It’s important to have side hustles/gigs that bring in income to supplement your main source.

Tip: Build a side hustle around your interests or things you are adept in.

Summary: StashBox (Scam Or Legit) – (Login and Register)

We are pleased to inform you about the new update to the StashBox App that guarantees a smoother user experience.

This new updates will enable users :

  1. Pause/Resume Savings successfully.

  2. Select/schedule a date for commencement of any savings plan, especially weekly and monthly plans.

  3. Save through your virtual account for all plans. Once virtual account is funded, any plan can be created or debited apart from cards. Virtual accounts can now be debited daily, weekly and monthly for non-card savers. Therefore, savers with Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire etc can all save with virtual accounts and also cards.

  4. Lock Savings option at savings initiation.
    When a new user wants to start saving, there is an option to Lock Savings. Funds cannot be withdrawn until maturity once switched on. Lock Savings buttons are switched off by default. When a new user switches it on, the savings locks till maturity. Even if the daily, weekly or monthly plan is paused, the savings balance can still not be withdrawn until maturity date.

Kindly visit your respective mobile app store to download this update.

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