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Adefowora Olaitan Adegoke

Biography Of Adefowora Olaitan Adegoke – Nigerian Arrested In Delhi With $354K Heroine

Source: Adefowora Olaitan Adegoke

Biography Of Adefowora Olaitan Adegoke – Nigerian Arrested In Delhi With $354K Heroine – The police in the Indian city of Delhi have detained a 29-year-old Nigerian who has yet to be recognized for being in possession of heroin worth $354,000. shocked

The Nigerian was apprehended in Dwarka on Wednesday as part of the ‘Varchasva’ operation.



“We detained a 29-year-old Nigerian national and found 270 kilos of high-quality heroin worth Rs 2.70 crores (2,70,00,000) on the international market,” said DCP Dwarka Shankar Chaudhary.

On April 6, a 50-year-old Nigerian was apprehended with 1,081 kilos of heroin worth Rs 10 crore ($1.3 million) in the international market.

Adefowora Olaitan Adegoke
Adefowora Olaitan Adegoke

Adefowora Olaitan Adegoke, the accused, arrived in India on a medical visa on December 10.

His visa ran out on February 23rd.

Adegoke was apprehended by the Delhi Police’s Cell Against Illegal Foreigners and Narcotics (CAIFAN).

Under the operation ‘Varchasva,’ a number of processes have taken place in the previous 72 hours against street crime, organized crime, and a few foreign individuals who are unlawfully resident in the country and also involved in drug operations in Dwarka, according to DCP.

“Based on a confidential information, a squad was assembled led by ACP Vijay Singh and SI Subhas to apprehend this foreigner,” he added.

In the previous seven months, the Delhi Police have confiscated narcotics worth Rs 150 crore ($19.7 million), according to Chaudhary.

The accused were deported and prosecuted in accordance with the applicable parts of the law.

“In the meantime, the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) officials in PS Uttamnagar deported five African nationals on Tuesday,” he added.

The Delhi Police has launched a campaign to expedite drug-dealing investigations in order to expose the whole chain of drug traffickers, including suppliers, dealers, and buyers.

The police also stated that tougher penalties would be imposed on landlords and property sellers who house these foreign persons without prior verification. (ANI)

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