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Apostle Johnson Suleman – WONDERS WITHOUT NUMBER 2022 – Login and Register

Source: 2022

Apostle Johnson Suleman – WONDERS WITHOUT NUMBER 2022 – Login and Register , Verified
WONDERS WITHOUT NUMBER With Apostle Johnson Suleman (January Edition – 14th Jan. 2022) #Day12 #HandOfGod🔥

1 Samuel 7:10
– My Father (2x), As I Begin To Pray, Thunder From Heaven, Terminate Repeated Battles In My Life

  • My Father (2x), As I Begin To Pray, The Baptism Of The Spirit Of Sacrifice, Fall On Me!


  1. Good morning Papa! I just joined wonders without number this January; some days ago you talked about miracle money and I received it. You also said angels will deposit money into our accounts and I keyed into that. To the glory of God, I got 709 dollars that I did not work for from my auto company dated back to December 24, 2021! Thank you Jesus, my time has come. Chijioke Onyekonwu from USA

  2. Good morning Papa, I want to give God all the glory for all the things he did for me. During one of the meetings I placed my hand on my back as instructed and believing God for healing, and the severe waist pain I was battling with just disappeared immediately after you prayed. Secondly, God honored me this early January by making me a citizen. To God be all the glory, my time has come! Presley from USA

  3. Good morning Papa,I want to testify of the Goodness of the Lord.This week our company decided to give us bonus for a good performance and they only gave those who reached their target. Papa, they gave us a 100 percent increase bonus; it’s like having two salaries.Glory be to God. My name is Elizabeth Phiri from Zimbabwe

  4. Good morning papa, on the 4th of January, 2022 I got a contract that is over 4 times the one that ended in November 2021.This is my biggest contract ever, and it runs in millions.Thank you Jesus my time has come.Miracle from Lagos, Nigeria

  5. Good morning Papa, I am Amarachi from China. I want to testify to the Glory of God; miracle money is real, I had this job since April and I wasn’t paid; it has been a prayer request for me, but to the Glory of GOD miraculously I received the payment. I almost gave up on that salary because it’s been so long and I no longer work there but to the glory of God, I was paid. My time has come!

  6. Good morning Papa, this is my 3rd testimony; I started my business after my

  • My Father (2x), As I Begin To Pray, By The Power Of The Holy Spirit, By The Word Of God, The Blood Of The Jesus, I Bring Forth My Prophecy!

  • My Father (2x), As I Begin To Pray, Every Prophecy Of My Life That Is Hanging, Manifest This Month!


  1. Good morning Papa, since May 2021 of last year my insurance company cancelled all my benefits.I began to pray. I always prayed with wonders without number and placed my Bank Card on the TV screen.I recently, received on December 23rd money from my insurance company as compensation for what they owed me. Surprisingly, they did not send a letter to inform me.Papa, Miracle Money is real. Thank you Jesus, my time has come! Florence from Ontario

  2. My name is Reuben from Ghana. I applied for emergency appointment to be able to schedule for an interview in December but I couldn’t get any date. The emergency appointment expired on the 31st December, but on the 29th December I requested for an extension for my emergency appointment but I had no response from them. I tried again on 2nd and 3rd December but no response. Then I submitted a prayer request for an extension through wonderswithout number on 4th December and lastest by 5th December, two hours after you prayed on the prayer requests, my extension was granted. Thank you Jesus, my time has come!

  3. Good morning Papa, I want to bless God for healing me of pains that I felt in my anus anytime I used the restroom; I prayed to God to heal me as I connected to the prayers every morning, and I am miraculously healed. I return all the glory to God. My time has come.Ogo from Benin City

  4. My name isEsther from Sapele, Delta state. First, I thank the God of wonders without number for saving and healing my friend’s four months baby from a hole in the heart. The child was referred for an operation at UBTH but there was no money. Miraculously, their landlord who lives abroad got to know about it and paid all the bills. The operation was successful and the baby is breathing well. Secondly, Papa told us some days ago to take advantage of t

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