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Beautiful Rare Igbo Names

List Of Top 50 Beautiful Rare Igbo Names (2022 New)

List Of Top 50 Beautiful Rare Igbo Names (2022 New)

Beautiful Rare Igbo Names
Beautiful Rare Igbo Names




Adaeze, the first daughter of the monarch


Akachukwu – in the hands of God


Adamma is a lovely first daughter.


Adaego is the first daughter who brings fortune.


Adaoma – lovely or lovely first daughter


Ahunna – one who has her father’s physique or looks like her father


Akunna translates as “father’s wealth” or “father’s riches.”




Come and remain with me, Bianonyerem.


Stay with me, Binyerem or Binyelum.


C –


Chizitaram – I was sent by God.


God wrote Chideziri.


Chibuzo – God is first or God is supreme


Chinedu – God is directing or directing me.


God has blessed me, Chiagoziem.


Chioma means “good luck” or “Good God.”


Chibundu means “God is Life.”


God is good, says Chiamaka.


Chinenye – It is God who bestows.


Chimamanda – My God will not let me down.


God is greater, says Chika.


Chizoba – God will continue to save me.


Chinyere – God bestowed




Eberechi means “God’s kindness.”


Ekemma was born on a beautiful Eke market day.


Ekpereamaka – prayers have power or it is beneficial to pray


Ekene – kudos


Esimnachi means “I came from God.”


Ekwutosi, stop slandering me and stop tarnishing my name.


Ezinne is a good mother.


Ezichi – thank you, God




Fechi – to serve or honor God




Ginikachukwu – who is more powerful than God?


What is more precious than a child, Ginikanwa?



Nothing is too tough for God, Ifeanyi.


Ihechukwu – God’s light


Ihunna means “father’s face” or “father’s likeness.”


Ifechukwu – God’s brightness


Ifedimma is a positive thing.


Ifenkili is a sight to behold.


Ifunanya – I adore you


Ifeoma – the lovely or excellent one


Nothing compares to a child, Ifeyinwa.


Ihuoma means “loved or blessed one.”


Ijeawele – Have a pleasant voyage.


Ijemma, have a wonderful voyage.


Jachimma – God be praised




Let us leave it to God, Kairaluchukwu.


Kosisochukwu – as God pleases


God granted my desire, Kamsiyonna.


Let me follow God, Kamsoluchukwu.


Kasarachi means “to inform God” or “to confide in God.”


Kasiemobi – Please console me




Look to God, Lebechi.


Remember God, Lotachukwu.




Mmadiya, whose attractiveness makes her spouse proud.


Mkpulumma is an excellent seed.


Mmasichukwu – God’s will




Nnedimma is a wonderful mother.


Nnenna – mother of the father


Nneka’s mum is wonderful.


Nchekwube – Have faith in God


Ndidiamaka – patience is a virtue.


Nkeiruka, your future is brighter.




It will be OK, Ogadimma.


Oluchi means “God’s labor” or “God’s creation.”


Oma – pretty or good?


God’s time, Ogechi


Omasirichi means “God-pleasing.”


Obiageli is a man who has come to enjoy fortune.


Gold Olaedo


Silver Olaocha


Olachi – God’s beloved


Olamma – lovely pearl


Somtochukwu – join me in praising God.


Sopuruchukwu means “reverence for God.”


Only God can save Sochi.




Ugoeze is the king’s pride.


Uloaku – a bank or a location where money is kept


Ugommaeze – attractive one who gives the king pride




Zara – God responded


Zikeoranachimdimma – demonstrate to the world that God is good.


Show that God is good, Zinachimdimma.

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