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Dennis Butler

Biography Of Dennis Butler – Age , Armed Female Bystander

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Biography Of Dennis Butler – Age , Armed Female Bystander – In Charleston, West Virginia, a lady shot and killed a guy who opened fire on a crowd with a semi-automatic weapon.

Dennis Butler, a 37-year-old man with a lengthy criminal record, was slain after he targeted a gathering of roughly 40 people at a birthday celebration.



According to police spokesperson Tony Hazelett, the woman’s fast thinking saved lives and may have stopped a mass massacre.

Dennis Butler
Dennis Butler

It comes amid a nationwide discussion about weapons in the aftermath of a school tragedy in Texas.

Butler had been by the neighborhood earlier that evening when he was told to slow down because children were playing.

He reappeared equipped with an AR-15-style weapon and opened fire on the birthday-graduation celebration outside the downtown apartment complex.

Mr Hazelett stated at a press conference that the lady who fired back had no law enforcement background. She has yet to be identified.

“She’s just a member of the community who was legitimately carrying her handgun,” he explained. “And instead of fleeing the situation, she confronted it and saved numerous lives.”

After the incident, the woman remained at the site and is cooperating with police.

Police have stated that no charges would be filed against her.

Butler died at the scene from several gunshot wounds, according to authorities.

According to Mr Hazelett, it is unclear how Butler got the handgun, which he was not legally permitted to carry as a convicted criminal.

The incident comes after a juvenile shooter massacred 21 people at a Texas elementary school with a lawfully acquired AR-15 semi-automatic weapon.

The attack, America’s deadliest in a decade, revived the debate over individual gun ownership, which is protected by the US Constitution.

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