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How to Join Supreme Eiye Confraternity

Process and How to Join Supreme Eiye Confraternity

Source: Supreme Eiye Confraternity

Normally i use to get this question from people , on Process and How to Join Supreme Eiye Confraternity , below is the experience shared by some people.

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Process and How to Join Supreme Eiye Confraternity ?

How to Join Supreme Eiye Confraternity

“I am single and from Ogun State.” “I reside in Elanke Number 4, Ibadan Street, Oworonshoki with my mum.” I have three Osun State buddies. We attended to their father’s funeral one day. That was the location of the conflict. It was late at night when I realized they had inducted me into the Aiye cult. They were four in number, so they grouped me in with them. After that, I left them and returned to Lagos. That happened in 2015. “They came to stay with me at Oworoshoki, where I reside with my mother.” So, the issue occurred last year, in 2018, when they assassinated one of my pals, Tunde. They shot him and slashed him with a machete. Eiye Confraternity members Shehu, Aro, and Yusuf were the ones who shot him. They were also slain throughout the months of November and December. They were the three guys that introduced me, and I usually worked with them. The other cult group killed my cousin, which sparked a battle in which my people also killed them. I bought my pistol from a security guard in Benue State who sold me his rifle, a short locally produced gun, for N22,000.00. They took everything from us after our run-in with the cops. I was imprisoned in Ikoyi in January and freed in March of 2019. I heard they had a peace rally in the neighborhood. My mother called to tell me she was unwell and in the hospital. I had to go there to give her money for drugs, and that is when I was detained by the cops. I’m unhappy and regret harming people.”

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