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Listen To Joel Osteen Broadcast Today (May 2022 Free Edition)

Source: Broadcast Today

Listen To Joel Osteen Broadcast Today (May 2022 Free Edition) – Get ready to enter into an experience that on the other end has you stepping out in a whole new image and likeness. So much that those who thought they knew you will see you in a totally different way. Why you ask? It’s because God is renovating you into the person He originally called, fashioned and ordained.

Some might think it’s being cocky, but ask yourself, if you started to see the things God is doing on your behalf wouldn’t that cause you to walk with a little more swagger? It’s not cockiness, it’s God-fidence.


Begin to walk and carry yourself in a manner that the good work God originally began is ALL coming into frame and His goodness cannot be hidden anyone. God looks good on you, get ready wear Him well.

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