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Mooncard Loan App

Mooncard Loan App Review – Customer Care and Phone Number

Source: Mooncard Loan App

Mooncard Loan App Review – Customer Care and Phone Number – Mooncard was intended to alleviate cash shortages. This is why the whole thing began with a basic concept.

The Mooncard Loan app- who better to aid you in a cash crisis than friends or relatives if you need a loan right away? It aids in the advancement of the leasing or borrowing process, even if you have terrible credit, for firms that require loans for the development process and for organizations that require collateral for the loans.

Mooncard Loan App
Mooncard Loan App


Please read this mooncard loan app review for additional information on how to utilize the Mooncard app.

In this article, we’ll answer all of your Mooncard Loan App questions, including: Mooncard Loan App review, how does Mooncard Loan App work, how to earn money on Mooncard Loan App, Mooncard Loan App Login, Mooncard Loan App sign up, Mooncard Loan App Referral, Mooncard Loan App contact, is Mooncard Loan App legit or scam, and more.

By the end of this article, our team,, is confident that you will have made an informed decision about whether Mooncard App is legit, safe, or scam, or maybe fraudulent, as we guarantee that all of the information presented is genuine.

Without further ado, let’s get started with the Mooncard App review.

Mooncard Loan App Review

In this Mooncard Loan App review, we’ll discuss many features of Mooncard Loan App to assist you choose whether or not this new make-money website can be trusted.

Also, please keep in mind that this Mooncard App review has not been verified in its entirety, so things may change in the near future, and if anything goes wrong, we will not be held liable for any reason.

The Mooncard Loan App

Mooncard is dedicated to providing loan services for people in need of money. If you have a need and a strong credit history, you can acquire a loan with Mooncard.

Mooncard Loan App URL is available on Google: Yes, Mooncard Loan App is on Google, making it easier for new visitors to find on search engines.

Mooncard Website Security: As of the publication of this article, Mooncard does not have an official website!
Mooncard Loan App Performance and Design: The Mooncard App design is good, and the performance is excellent.
Contact Us and About Us Sections on Mooncard Loan App: Mooncard Loan App does have Contact Us and About Us pages.
Mooncard Loan App Social Media Accounts: Mooncard Loan App has the following social media accounts: Mooncard Loan App does not have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, or an Instagram account.
Which Countries are Eligible to Borrow/Loan Money from the Mooncard App? Only if you live in Nigeria are you eligible to borrow money from the Mooncard App. Other nations are not currently supported.

Who owns the Mooncard Loan App?

As of the publication of this article, the owner of mooncard was unknown!

How to Get the Mooncard Loan App

To begin, if you have Google Play installed on your phone, simply search Mooncard App on Play store and install.

How Does Mooncard Loan App Work? | How Does Mooncard Loan App Borrow Money?

Mooncard is committed to delivering loans from firms that value ultimate customer satisfaction. Because you must have a strong credit history, it is really simple to obtain a loan from Mooncard.

To borrow via this mooncard app, you must be a Nigerian resident aged 20 to 55, as well as have decent credit and be willing to repay. If you passed all of these tests, you are fully prepared to borrow from the Mooncard app.

Loaning from the mooncard app is as simple as three steps:

Create an App account
Completing the form
Gain access to funds
Following this, you will be able to borrow between $5,000 and $50,000 between 91-180 days.

Mooncard Loan App Sign Up | How to Create a Mooncard Loan App Account

To discover how to create an account on Mooncard Loan App, follow the steps outlined above.

Interest Rates for Mooncard Loans

The least annual interest rate is 21%, and the maximum (APR) is 26%. (no additional fees)

Daily rate: 0.06 percent -0.07%
For example, suppose the loan amount is NGN 10,000, the duration is 120 days, and the interest rate is 21%.
The following is how the payment amount is calculated:
Loan amount * Interest rate / Loan duration + Loan amount (10,000 * 21% / 365 * 120 + 10,000) = NGN10,690
For example, suppose the loan amount is NGN 10,000, the duration is 91 days, and the interest rate is 26%.
The following is how the payment amount is calculated:
NGN10,648 = Loan amount * Interest rate / number of days * Loan duration + Loan amount (10,000 * 26 percent / 365 * 91 + 10,000)
Mooncard Loan App Recommendation | How to Earn Money by Referring Others to the Mooncard Loan App
Unfortunately, Mooncard does not currently offer an affiliate program.

Customer Support for the Mooncard App

These are the ways to contact the Mooncard company:

Email: [email protected] Phone: +2349048658087
No. 10 Allen Avenue, near the Toyin Roundabout Akin Taylor Square

Is Mooncard App a Scam or Legit?

The Mooncard app is yet another untrustworthy borrowing provider, as seen by the ratings and reviews on the Google Play store. How can one be billed N50 for using the app to loan and then not receive the loan? That’s to demonstrate how deceptive this app is!

In my opinion, do not use this app for loans; instead, utilize apps such as fairmoney and others.

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