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Pastor Phil Hopper

Biography Pastor Phil Hopper (Senior Pastor Abundant Life Baptist Church)

Source: Pastor Phil Hopper

Pastor Phil Hopper is the senior pastor of Abundant Life Baptist Church Lee’s Summit , Missouri , His church has over 4,500 Weekly attendance.

Abundant Life Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Convention Denomination church.

Pastor Phil Hopper
Pastor Phil Hopper

Pastor Phil Hopper is a motivational speaker and author of many books , we are going to share some facts about him below.

Top 5 Facts About Pastor Phil Hopper:

What is Pastor Phil Hopper's Net Worth?

What is Pastor Phil Hopper's Net Worth?

Pastor Phil Hopper's Net Worth is $3 Million , this is an estimated net worth shared on December 2020.

What Is Pastor Phil Hopper's Age?

Pastor Phil Hopper Age

According to Online Sources , Pastor Phil Hopper was born on April 9th 1971 (49 Years)

Who Is Pastor Phil Hopper's Wife?

Pastor Phil Hopper Wife

While we still look for the name of his wife , we will like to tell you that Pastor Phil Hoppe is married with a lovely family.

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