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Prophetess Rose Kelvin

Prophetess Rose Kelvin – Biography and Wikipedia

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Prophetess Rose Kelvin – Biography and Wikipedia , This can serve as the profile and history of Prophetess Rose Kelvin , who is the founder of unveiling the veil ministry in Nigeria.

Prophetess Rose Kelvin
Prophetess Rose Kelvin

Her Church is located at Cachez Garden, Opposite Eco Bank, Wuse Zone 5 , Abuja, Nigeria.



You can contact her by calling 0703 661 3546.

[email protected]

Note that this page will always be updated with her latest updates and sermons.

Biography Of Prophetess Rose Kelvin:

Rosemary Kelvin popular know as Prophetess Rose Kelvin was born on 16th Oct 1987 to Mr and Mrs Samson Ogwudire as the sixth child among seven (7) siblings in Osisi-Oma LGA in Abia state Nigeria at a crusade organized by Dr Uma Ukpai.

Late Sis Rose Samson Ogwudire who is the mother of Prophetess Rose MATACHI Kelvin-Nwafor was pregnant with a baby that could not be detected by Ultrasound for 13months.

Mockers and scoffers within taunted her daily for having a tommy that looked like pregnancy with a baby in it whereas its nothing but water ball.

Some said enemies projected a pot into her tommy to punish her while some others believed she was suffering retribution from the gods which brought hatred and rejection from some quarters including trusted allies and family members, but her husband who was a very senior custom officer despite the right schedule in his service to the Nation stood unflinchingly by his wife.

In all she held onto an encounter she had with God at the regular place of prayer where she revealed that she kept hearing a voice each time she prayed and this voice kept telling her “You are carrying a solution in your womb” which led to how Prophetess Rose got her spiritual title:

THE VOICE OF SOLUTION Of Prophetess Rose Kelvin

On 16th Oct 1987 at a crusade hosted by Evangelist Uma Ukpai as he then was known in a primary school at Osisi-Oma.

The man of God in the course of prayers prophesied that a pregnant woman whose time was gone past nine months will deliver and the baby shall know God in an exceptional way cos she’s God sent for an assignment to her Generation. This led to naming of Prophetess Rose as MATACHI meaning KNOW GOD.

As Late Sis Rose fought through the crowd finding her way to the front for identification; suddenly emergency labour commenced and she had her baby (Prophetess Rose Kelvin) at the crusade ground.

Prophetess Rose Kelvin lost both parents at a very tender age.

She attended primary, secondary and tertiary education in Nigeria.

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  1. Mummy you are really a voice of solution, you are real , you are an angel, you are amazing. Thank you for all you do, you and your family are bless you will continue to be blessed, the love of God is written all over you. Thank you Mummy

  2. Good Evening my prophetess,I love you what God is using you to bless people, may the Lord bless you richly amen,,thiis is my prayer request,All my Investment ,,there is no return,,I could not get my back,,I need your prayer,Thanks,Evang,Dennis Odiase,,

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    Am from Abia state. Mummy please I need your help spiritually 😭😭😭😭😭 please mummy. How can I speak with you


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