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Reviews: “FINIKO” – (Login and Register) – Scam Or Legit

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Reviews: “FINIKO” – (Login and Register) – Scam Or Legit , I have applied for a withdrawal of 6000 CRF which should have given 4’761FNK. Now i only received 1385FNK which is a massive difference. I have 85000 usdt with Finiko.


If i would want to withdraw the money i would receive 25k? This cant be legal. The scheeme you are using might be overthought. I cant explain how you fixed the amount of FNK to those 6k.


Price must have been 4.33$ which it wasnt for quite some time. Please answer and explain as soon as possible.
Thank you in advance and have a nice day

Summary: “FINIKO” – (Login and Register) – Scam Or Legit

Dear partners! As a partner of Finiko, I will try to convey to you information about what is happening with the FNK token.

Before starting the withdrawal of money in FNK tokens, Kirill Doronin warned all users that when withdrawing funds, it is not necessary to change all the money at once.

This action will lead to the fact that the PRICE OF THE TOKEN COLLAPSE. Since the company does not have time to replenish the liquidity pool.

If everyone who received FNK tokens did not change them immediately, but held them for at least 2-3 days, the rate would rise and it would be possible to exchange even 10% of the amount to get the desired money.

But human greed and stupidity won out – people began to withdraw all money at once and thereby dropped the token rate to $ 5 and thereby inflicted colossal losses on other partners!

The company is not to blame that the token rate has fallen, only the users of the company are to blame, the TOP leaders who did not convey to their structures the information that it is not necessary to withdraw all the money at once, since the price of the token will immediately fall and because of this other people feel compassion !

If at the moment, you are in a drawdown of -10%, -20%, -30%, -40% or more, you just need to wait until the price returns and then you can withdraw your money.

P.S. I am in a drawdown -70% I withdrawn money at the rate of $ 45 And I wait without changing money.


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