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Scam ? HyperFund - (Login and Register)

Scam ? HyperFund – (Login and Register)

Source: HyperFund

Scam ? HyperFund – (Login and Register) , Is this website LEGIT and Trusted to be invested in … HyperFund has constructed a DeFi ecosystem that will provide a completely decentralized financial infrastructure for all digital currency users.

Scam ? HyperFund - (Login and Register)



HyperFund will devote itself to developing quality blockchain projects, lead the strategic direction of Fintech, and aims to make more contributions to the blockchain industry.

HyperTech Group has launched the HyperFund – Ogilvy Plan to build a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) ecosystem. The aim is to provide a holistic decentralized financial infrastructure.

Ryan Xu, also known as the Martian, is the Chief Consultant of HyperTech Group, and will be heavily involved in the project.

Summary Scam ? HyperFund – (Login and Register)

HyperCapital was eventually abandoned and today its website is defunct.

HyperFund was announced in mid 2020. It is essentially Xu and HyperTech’s migration to DeFi.

Which is to say we can likely expect more the same crypto investment related fraud.

Read on for a full review of HyperFund’s MLM opportunity.

HyperFund’s Products

HyperFund has no retailable products or services, with affiliates only able to market HyperFund affiliate membership itself.

HyperFund’s Compensation Plan

HyperFund refer to their MLM opportunity and compensation pan as “HyperCommunity”.

HyperFund affiliates invest tether (USDT) into HU, an internal token, on the promise of a 300% ROI.

HU investment tiers are 300, 500 and 1000.

Apparently the regular return is 200% but there seems to be a perpetual 300% limited time offer.

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  1. I would like to clarify that hyperfund is NOT a SCAM. It is completely legit and is NOT another MLM. People just go and read the page on internet and make their own ideas and conspiracies about a upcoming successful business. In fact it is a Networking business if you want to share it with people , otherwise you can happily make money being PASSIVE and get your money out. Do not put others down for your own greed or lack of knowledge. Thanks

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