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Scam or Legit - Bet On Brains (Login and Register) -

Scam or Legit – Bet On Brains (Login and Register) –

Source: Bet On Brains

Scam or Legit – Bet On Brains (Login and Register) –

Get a forex funded account.
No exams.
No demo trading.
No challenges.
No trading combines.
No courses.
No time restrictions on how long to hit your target.
Simply pay a monthly subscription & trade from anywhere.



Scam or Legit - Bet On Brains (Login and Register) -

Join bet on brains and change your life as a Chartered Fund Manager. As you know, mainly investing goals are of two kind, short term & long term with horizons from seconds to years, we have a 12-level procedure to evaluate your performance.

We are giving you the total freedom to choose the strategies including scalping or algos without any restrictions, all you have to do is→ keep our risk management rules.

We welcome traders and managers from all backgrounds, newbies to professionals working for any investment banks, hedge funds, prop trading firms or investment management companies.

You can work with us remotely and anonymous too! we can give you the full freedom as a freelancer or you can work from our office. If you are an experienced trader, you can consider us for your additional funding requirements or if you are a newbie, you can consider us for your seed funding requirements.

Summary: Scam or Legit – Bet On Brains (Login and Register)

Once you complete the apprenticeship, we offer you a permanent position in our company which is focusing on investment research and investment management.

You can manage well beyond one billion USD fund if you are performing well and even have the possibility to get unlimited funds progressively on the basis of your real-world experience in investment management or certifications such as CFA, CQF or ACTUARY.

We will be making significant investments in tools and resources to provide you with a platform where you will be most successful.

Since you are staying with us for a longtime, your future is our concern.

When you successfully complete the tyro, tenner or twenty apprenticeship, you can select any fund you want to manage. We are offering four different types of fund with a maximum drawdown allowed up to 50% and no profit targets. Kindly go through each account and understand its pros and cons to select the one matching your trading/investing style.

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