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The Benefits Of Thanksgiving

7 Things Dr. Paul Enenche Said Are The Benefits Of Thanksgiving

Source: The Benefits Of Thanksgiving

7 Things Dr. Paul Enenche Said Are The Benefits Of Thanksgiving , Pastor Paul Enenche, spoke to his members on “The Voice of Thanksgiving” at ‘Early Will I Seek You.’ He asked them to lift their hands, appreciate God. “Let’s honour him. Let’s adore him. Let’s worship him. Let’s magnify him. In Jesus’ precious name. Give the Lord the praise and take your seat,” he said. He said they are were here that morning with the voice of thanksgiving. Even though they will be praying other prayers but basically to say thank you Lord for the things they saw a day before. He then explained 7 things that will happen when we give God the voice of thanksgiving. They are:The Benefits Of Thanksgiving

  1. The voice of thanksgiving produces the unction of multiplication. “I will multiply them”

  2. The voice of thanksgiving produces the mantle of greatness.

  3. The voice of thanksgiving produces the garment of glory. “I will glorify them and they shall not be small.” That is, he deletes shame.

  4. When we give God Thanksgiving, first of all, we see the unction of multiplication, the mantle of greatness, and the garment of glory that swallows up our shame.

  5. We see generational greatness. “Their children shall be as aforetime, and their congregation shall be established.” We see generational greatness.

  6. We see divine establishment. “…and their congregation shall be established before me.” Nothing destabilizes them.

  7. We see enemy judgment. “I will punish all that oppress them.” While King Jehoshaphat and his people were worshipping God and giving Him thanks, God made their enemies clash with themselves.

  8. It releases leadership and authority. Your voice of thanksgiving can position you in leadership and authority. That was what happened to David. He was a worshipper that God took from the wilderness into the palace. Worship me, praise me, give me thanksgiving and I will position you in leadership.

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