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This Prayer By Archbishop Benson Idahosa Will Change Your Life

Source: Archbishop Benson Idahosa

This Prayer By Archbishop Benson Idahosa Will Change Your Life




There is that period, you have to go through fire to archive your life dream. There is that time in your life, no matter how holy you are, holiness does not put Satan to hell. Holiness makes you a better person, holiness makes you live longer, holiness makes you an instrument in the hand of God. But your righteousness doesn’t kill the devil
Anyone that is kind enough to knock you down will not be kind enough to raise you up. Any man that hates you enough to knock you down, cannot love you to pick you up.

I see a lifting from your knockdown. Elijah said; I hear a sound of the abundance of rain. The ground may dry but I hear a sound. Lazy people don’t go far, unwilling to endure don’t go far.

Many time, the people you call number 2, are not even number 10.

Many time, the people you think you are going to lean on, on the day of trouble have no back.

So many times, the people you think will stand by you when trouble comes, are looking for who will stand by them.
You may lose your strength; you will never lose your God.

Every man may flee from you, every friend may turn their back. But He (God) has promised; I will never leave nor forsake you.

The ground may shake so much that you have no leg to stand, but the God that gave you the vision, will not cancel the vision. I don’t know what is pushing you down. I know if God give you a knockdown, He’s going to give you a lifting up.

It may be a financial knockdown.
It may be a marriage knockdown.
It may be a business knockdown.
It may be a family knockdown.
It may be a relationship knockdown.
But if for any reason God allow you to be knockdown, He’s getting ready to lift you up.
— Archbishop Benson Idahosa

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2 thoughts on “This Prayer By Archbishop Benson Idahosa Will Change Your Life”

  1. I Connect The Grace God which Was Placed Upon The Archbishop Benson Idahosa. I some times See Him Especially when there is An Attack. Shalom Shalom. May God Bless My Country Zambia.


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