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What Bishop Oyedepo And His Son, Isaac Oyedepo Said About The New Faith Dome In Maryland, USA.

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What Bishop Oyedepo And His Son, Isaac Oyedepo Said About The New Faith Dome In Maryland, USA. , Living Faith Church Worldwide, under the leadership of Bishop David Oyedepo, is currently undergoing a lot of projects at the moment. The ‘Ark Project’, the road constructions, the Faith Dome, and others are basic examples. We thank God for His Divine Provision over His Church.oyedepo

However, the church will be dedicating the newly built 2000-capacity auditorium in Maryland, USA. It is called the Faith Dome and it will be the headquarter church. However, here are things Bishop Oyedepo and his son Isaac Oyedepo have said about the project.


Here are three things Bishop David Oyedepo said:

  1. On Sunday 24th October, we are dedicating our new headquarter church in the US, Maryland.

  2. The church was built by the power of God and not a dime was sent from there. It was built by God who builds all things. He is everywhere.

  3. It is only in this church that you do ten things at the same time and all of them are working.

Here is what Pastor Isaac Oyedepo also Said:

  1. We need to thank God and praise Him because He was here while we rented so that he won’t abandon us when are now owners. It is better to have God when you are renting than lose God when you own.
  2. God has grown us numerically and he has grown us financially. This has become the financial giant of the nation.

  3. We will not only be dedicating the Faith Dome, our children’s facility, ultra-modern facility, book store, and others will also be dedicated.

  4. We never had to stop the project on the account of money. We waited for materials to come; we didn’t wait for thee for money.

We thank God for answering our prayers concerning the church’s growth and development. May His name be highly exalted in Jesus’ name.

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