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Andrew Farley

Biography Of Andrew Farley , Wife , Age , Children

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Andrew Farley is the Lead Pastor of Church Without Religion in Lubbock, Texas, and is an American Evangelical Christian. He also works at Texas Tech University as an Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics.

Farley is an international conference speaker who has spoken at churches, conferences, and colleges across the United States and Canada. He also hosts Andrew Farley LIVE, a countrywide call-in show on Sirius XM. He is regarded as one of the most influential figures in the modern grace movement.

Early Years

Born on October 31, 1972, in Warrenton, Virginia, on Summerfield Farm, a horse farm. Guy Farley, his father, was an attorney who eventually worked in the hotel industry. Leslie Farley, his mother, was a schoolteacher who subsequently became a Christian counselor. She still resides in Virginia, along with his brother Will and sister Amanda.

Andrew Farley
Andrew Farley

He went to Emmanuel Christian School in Manassas, Virginia, for high school. He got his bachelor’s degree from Furman University, his master’s degree from the University of Georgia, and his doctorate from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign in 2000.


Andrew Farley is the author of several books.

Farley is best known for the popular novel The Naked Gospel (Harper Collins, 2009), which made him a celebrity. God Without Religion, Heaven is Now, The Art of Spiritual War, The Hurt & The Healer (co-authored with MercyMe), and Relaxing with God are among Farley’s other works. Farley and his wife Katharine Hayhoe also co-authored A Climate for Change. Twisted Scripture: Untangling 45 Lies Christians Have Been Told, Farley’s longest book to date, was released in 2019.

His work has appeared on Fox News, Patheos, PBS, and a number of Christian television networks. He started blogging for The Huffington Post in November 2015.


Andrew Farley Ministries regularly provides basic, truthful, and uncomplicated guidance to anybody seeking to better comprehend the depths of God’s grace. It will use scriptural insights to challenge your perspective on God and help you live in the freedom of Jesus Christ’s finished work.

Farley has been president of Andrew Farley Ministries, a non-profit book and media ministry based in Lubbock, Texas, since 2015. The organization’s motto is “Jesus plus nothing.” Natural in every way. “There are no additives.” Galatians 2:20 is his favorite Bible verse.

He has appeared on TBN’s “Praise the Lord,” 100 Huntley Street, and the Christian Broadcasting Network’s Christian Broadcasting Network’s Christian Broadcasting Network’s Christian Broadcasting Network’s Christian Broadcasting Network’s Christian Broadcasting Network’s Christian Broadcasting Network’s

Andrew published on his official website about what he writes and preaches.

“You are putting into words what I always knew was true in my heart,” people frequently comment.
There’s nothing better than hearing that! My goal is to help others better comprehend God’s grace and see them experience freedom.

I write and talk on God’s forgiveness, how to live in grace, our new identity in Christ, and what it means to have new life in Jesus. I occasionally write or lecture about topics such as understanding God’s will or how to interpret Christ’s return.

My purpose is to provide practical, scriptural insights that will challenge your perceptions of God and yourself. This blog is for you if you prefer to get a dose of truth a couple times a week and occasionally go even deeper into a certain issue.

Personal Experiences

In the year 2000, Andrew Farley married Katharine Hayhoe, an atmospheric scientist. They have a kid named Gavin and reside in West Texas together. His wife, associate professor Katharine Hayhoe, is a climate scientist who was named one of the world’s most important persons by TIME magazine in 2014.

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