How To Contact Prophetess Rose Kelvin – Phone Number , Email Address

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Prophetess Rose Kelvin is the founder of one of the best Churches in Nigeria , Her ministry is located at Abuja , Capital Of Nigeria , the Phone Number , Email address and other details shared below can be used in sending a prayer request to her.

Prophetess Rose Kelvin
Prophetess Rose Kelvin

Note that this page will always be updated with latest contact details of Prophetess Rose Kelvin.

If the facts shared below about her are not correct , please use the comment section and get back to us.

What is the phone number of Prophetess Rose Kelvin?

Prophetess Rose Kelvin Phone Number

The Official phone number of Prophetess Rose Kelvin is +234 704 666 8111

What is the email address of Prophetess Rose Kelvin?

Prophetess Rose Kelvin Email Address

The Official email address to Prophetess Rose Kelvin is [email protected]

How To Contact Prophetess Rose Kelvin.

Contact Prophetess Rose Kelvin

To contact Prophetess Rose Kelvin , please use the details shared above.

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  1. Am so much Happy to join you here ma God will bless you I see how you are helping people I’m so glad keep on doing it almighty God will reward you in abundant living

  2. I was very amazed at the fact that your name is Rose Kelvin.. My son name is Kelvin and my aunt name was Rose. At the time I named my son Kelvin I had no reason why . But now I know why, because every since I came across you on youtube I have been watching you ever since. I pray GOD continue to bless and keep you and I pray you pray for me.

  3. Good morning to you big mummy, am Anthony Michael a young evangeliser of the gospel of Jesus Christ, mummy pls I need your help. I want to start up a small scale business of buying and selling of raw food stuffs like Rice, beans, garri, tin tomatoes, vegetable oil etc to help me take care of my wife and 2kids while I continue in the work of the vineyard, but I don’t have the capital to start up. Things are very difficult for us, my wife and kids are suffering all because I can’t pay their bills as a father, pls mummy I really need help, pls help me I beg of you thanks. Here is my contact: 08115691060, Am based in Lagos

  4. Good afternoon woman of God,my name is Nnacheta obiora Matthew am from Enugu state but base in Lagos State, I use to watch ur program online and the day I heard you came to Lagos I was surprised because it was already late , please Ma I believe I have a high calling to work in the vineyard of God ,and I am very compassionate and a very kind person when it comes to people but the problem am facing all this while is financial problem , nothing at all is moving at my side ,Ma please I need your prayer ,this is my number 08163284850, thanks and may God continue to bless and increase you in all spheres of life and may you never get weary in the work which God has committed unto you in Jesus mighty name AMEN.

  5. Good morning mummy my name is Emmanuel nwachukwu from Imo state I have been following your pages and ur post in Facebook thinking that u are d real person without knowing that u are not one of d night I try to reach d person promise to call me in a video which he did I don’t know it was a scam he told me to die a seed in d life if a girl suffering from lukamia in St Mary’s ophanage which d account details was giving to me as joshue Bria ayo in d morning I did as instructed Hoping is u and that money is d only thing I have my children and I went in dat day with hunger because I thought it was diving direction I explain later so that mummy will pray he told me to buy oil I told him that I don’t have any money with me again he block me in Facebook and also in WhatsApp mummy if ds is ur really page pls do cunction those that are using ur name doing 419 finally ma I have a blind wife she was not blind when I married her but today she is blind and in just riding okada please ma I need ur help my number is 08160975260 thanks

  6. Good day mummy. Just to cut stories short am really in need of help things are going wrong in my life. Pls any body with direct access link me before it goes worst than this.07066889813

  7. Wow I have heard all the miracle
    And other seriously I wish I could get there am having serious things going wrong in my life and I believe with ur God all will be over am uche GODWIN OGBONNA my number 08089262046

  8. Good evening mummy, my is James, I have been watching your programs online since morning, I want to be sure if the contract phone numbers writing the screen are ur contact. Because we have a lot of scammers

  9. My beloved young prophetess, I’m Oluchi from imo state please how can I get your contact, I’m desperate to have it because I’m into pressing need, and I need your prayers I’m very sick please give me your contact, mine is 09068330068

  10. Great servant of God. I’ve never met you before. Your prophecy and teaching is my daily meals. May God strengthen and empower you richly in Jesus name.

  11. My mummy as God used u to wipe away tears in our eye that same God will continued to bless u in the mighty name of Jesus Amen.

  12. Mummy people have been using your pictures and fone numbers o to dupe people on whatsapp please do something about this asap thanks

  13. Good day mummy, I’ve seen your videos and I’m beginning to follow you and liking what God is doing with you and through you, pls I would like to know the “venue” of this forth coming Lagos invasion that’ll be coming up on the 13th if march 2022. Thanks

  14. Greetings in d name of our Lord Jesus. I have heard so much about dis ministry and all d Lord is doing through prophets Rose. Kindly assist me in prayers, I have bn going alot of disappointment, my husband abandoned I and my child for a mistress for d past 9 years, visit Nigeria with her mistress without bothering about us. Also, I am contending with cobwebs, whenever, I stepped out, cobwebs covers my face, eating in d dream, tried venturing into another relationship; but as usual disappointment again. My hair was shaved in d dream and for years has refused to grow back. Please, I need ur prayers. I believe God will use you to bring me out of all of these mess. I am writing from Benin City.

  15. I am Christy Oghumu, mummy, more grace. I have heard so much about your ministry and have followed you on YouTube. I celebrate God for ur life. Ma, please, I need ur prayers. I have been passing through alot, honestly, dis is not me something is wrong somewhere. Series of disappointment, my husband abandoned me and children and he’s cooling off with a strange woman for d past 9 years now, my hair was shaved in d dream and for years now as left me completely bald, am a woman and not a man. Again, my major challenges now is cobwebs covering my face whenever, I stepped out. Eating in d dream too. Mummy, kindly, help out through prayers, I have gone virtually everywhere seeking for solutions but to know avail. I strongly believe God will used you to liberate no. 08037178434

  16. Mummy u re a blessing to this generation, may God continue to strengthen u Ma.Ur ministry will never shake in Jesus name amen. 08162048901 Chinazaekpere Goodluck

  17. My mummy good evening MA I Want say a very big thank you for your love and tender heart and prayers I’m v
    Glad to meet you here.

  18. Mummy, my mentor. U’re so much dear in my hrt am praying to see u face to face. U’re a great woman of God. My Prophetess. I bow before you ma.

  19. Mummy I came in contact with ur page on Facebook just the month of march 2022,indeed great things are happening Tru you,I believe der sumtin wrong from my father side n once I get in contact with your present,God will settled it all,Ma makurdi people need you touch

  20. Good morning ma my Name is mustapha Hossana from port harcourt, I’m looking for work, but i try my best it not work pls help me madam, my number is 09077829087, i apply navy but I’m not succed, pls i need ur help May God bless u give u more power.

  21. Good mornig mummy pls help me ma am hoples I borrow money to treat my mother inlaw which is 1,10000 now am hoples to way for to pay back😭 pls help me ma my phone number 08060766658

  22. Mummy may God continue to use you mightily in bringing changes in the lives of the poor and the oppress in Jesus Mighty Name.

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