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10 Things You Must Know About Kuda – The Bank of the Free

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10 Things You Must Know About Kuda – The Bank of the Free – Kuda is the bank that doesn’t charge you anything. An exciting new banking experience created just for you. Sign up now.

You’re pressed for time, and we’ve got you covered. Kuda makes it simple for Nigerians to manage their money by utilizing mobile banking apps on their smartphones. Download the app right now, create an account on your phone, and request a free debit card!


Maintain your finances without losing sleep. Kuda offers no card maintenance fees, free transfers, and automated savings, giving you everything you need to keep on top of your finances. Download the app right now.

Kuda is a free digital bank with a Central Bank of Nigeria microfinance banking license.

Kuda enables you to save more money and gain financial control.

What Are the Benefits of Using Kuda?

  • Create an account in a matter of minutes.

  • Kuda offers 25 free transfers every month, as well as free debit and credit alerts.

  • Use our saving and budgeting features to conveniently save and plan – earn up to 15% annual interest!

  • You can get instant overdrafts if you use your Kuda account frequently and borrow money when you need it.

Create a Free Account Right Now

  • Because we understand how valuable every naira is, we will not charge you for card or account maintenance. We’ll even provide you with a free debit card.

Keep an Eye on Your Money

  • Kuda assists you in budgeting and saving for the future.

  • Use Kuda’s smart budgeting to gain control of your spending, then select a proportion to save automatically and watch your money increase.

  • With Kuda Spend+Save, you can also save every time you spend directly from your account. It’s the most logical method to save money!

  • We’ll pay you up to 15% annual interest on your savings, so your money keeps earning money.

At Kuda, your money is secure.

  • We are aware that debit cards go missing from time to time. That is why you may use the app to block your card (and unblock it if you find it).

  • To hide your account balance, use Private Mode.

  • If you require assistance, you can contact us via the app or send an email to [email protected] at any time.

In Two Simple Steps, You Can Move To Kuda:

  1. Create an account: Sign up for the app after downloading it.

  2. Fund your account: Add a debit card, send money to your Kuda account via another bank’s app or internet banking, send money over USSD, or deposit cash at one of our partner banks.

Please visit for additional information about Kuda.

With Kuda, you can spend wisely, save wisely, and get the most out of your money.


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