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Alleluia Ministries Prayer Request

Alleluia Ministries Prayer Request – Online Form

Source: Alleluia Ministries

Welcome to free online form for Alleluia Ministries Prayer Request , This includes , Phone Number , Email Address , WhatsApp Phone Number , WhatsApp Group and Telegram Channel.

Note that we forward all prayer request to the right sources.



Alleluia Ministries Prayer Request

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Refrain: Alleluia Ministries Prayer Request

Daily Devotion Topic: The Package of Blessings

Concluding Prayer of The Package of Blessings: Awesomely Awesome God, you have visited and redeemed me.

May I not miss the grace of your visitation today as you move to bring your people into greater righteousness and holiness of life.

Purify my heart and mind that I may, I understand your ways and conform my life more fully to your will. I thank you dear heavenly Father, for qualifying me to be a partaker of the inheritance of the saints in light.

I reach forth today and take a hold of all that’s mine in Christ, and enjoy the benefits and privileges of my divine package in Jesus name Amen

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