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Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Teachings (MP3 Download 2021)

Source: Emmanuel Makandiwa

Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa Teachings (MP3 Download 2021)

Brace yourself because you are entering a season where everything that you’ve endured is culminating to a climatic conclusion for your good.



All the pain and discomfort you’ve felt so far this year has brought you to this season of pushing out your purpose. For that which you thought you lost this year God is about to restore and more because this time you’ve arrived to the birthplace of your breakthrough says the Lord.

Nothing you’ve done up to this ninth month has been done in vain, in fact God has placed you in a strategic position to all you need to do is BRACE YOURSELF & PUSH.

Your breakthrough has arrived. Not only have your efforts inspired the harvest of your next season but also it’s invested into Heavenly rewards to be received later. So do not move, brace yourself because things are about to get really good in your life. Keep on pushing.

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