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Help! I’m Out of Control – Craig Groeschel Sermons 2021

Source: Craig Groeschel

Help! I’m Out of Control – Craig Groeschel Sermons 2021 , listen to this amazing sermon and note that you can request for the free PDF , Audio and other MP3 Download formats.



What if I told you that whatever you could imagine or think of coming to plan in your life God is saying it’s not even in the same stratosphere of what I had in mind for you? And the awesome part is those plans aren’t a flex to show off His power but it’s simply because He loves you just that much.

So don’t be offended when God says His way is better because you’re NOT losing control in your planning, however you’re gaining an EXPERT.

All you have to do is say YES and trust God’s plan which is exceedingly and abundantly beyond what you could possibly imagine.

This is a time when if you’re willing to take the limits off you will see evidence of God’s higher ways in your life and hear with clarity His thoughts towards you which are all good.

Heavens best is about to call you blessed and it all started with a simple YES.

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