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Prayers For Protection (2021 Edition)

prayers for protection as said in

Matthew 7:7 ask and it will be given to



you seek and you will find may these

prayers for protection strengthen your

faith and bring you peace and safety

daily prayer for protection

Lord God I pray for your protection as I

begin this day you are my hiding place

and under your wings I can always find

refuge protect me from trouble wherever

I go and keep evil far from me no matter

where I am I will look to you as my

protector the one who fights for me

every day your love and faithfulness

along with your goodness and mercy

surround me daily so I will not fear

whatever might come against me my trust

is in you God and I give thanks to you

for your love and protection in Jesus’s


Baban prayer for good health and

protection from harm we bless you Lord

for your our Jehovah Rapha

the healer of all our diseases our body

is the temple of your spirits so we pray

for protection from that which could

bring harm to us physically

gardez from stresses that steal our

emotional strength and lower our

immunity to fight infection heal us of

past traumas that may affect our present

or future health teach us how to

discipline our bodies so we can grow

stronger and increase our physical

stamina when challenges arise we need

not fear for you have given us a spirit

of power of love and a sound mind as the

great physician you know us so well you

ordained every part of our body even

before we were born

help us to treat our bodies with respect

as your beloved creations we want to

serve you with excellence

so in our weakness grant us strength and

good health so that nothing will prevent

your plans for our lives protect us from

contagions and diseases that can riddle

the body and bring dangerous results

safeguard us with wisdom to use well the

rest you provide as we wait on you and

with you daily our lives and our health

are in your hands Lord and our trust and

faith are in you in Jesus name Amen

prayer for protection against evil Lord

Jesus evil is such a harsh word

and yet your word uses it frequently to

describe the opposite of good while we

are all capable of sin I asked your

protection against those who called good

evil and evil good guard us from those

who scheme against righteousness and

from those who twist truth into lies to

accomplish their evil in tents near

angels hover ever near to eradicate fear

and fight against dark spiritual forces

we cannot see help us cast down every

imagination and thoughts that our enemy

tries to use to exalt itself against you

udell our spiritual enemy a faithful

blow on Calvary when you died on the

cross for us and were resurrected on the

third day while evil still roams the

power of your name and your blood rises

up to defeat and bring us victory

against every evil planned against us

while malicious actions may disturb us

we use the armour of God you have given

us to stand firm you will bring justice

in due time for all the harm and

needless violence aimed at your children

until then we remain in your presence

aligned with your purposes and we look

to you as our supreme commander and

protector help us to avoid temptation

and deliver us from evil Lord you are

the Mighty One the one who will

ultimately bring all evil to light with

you Jesus we are safe

prayer for the protection and safety of

family by Ryan Duncan Lord I pray your

emotional physical and spiritual

protection over my children and their

children keep evil far from them and

help them to trust you as their refuge

and strength I pray you’ll guard their

minds from harmful instruction and grant

them discernment to recognize truth I

pray you will make them strong and

courageous in the presence of danger

recognizing that you have overcome and

will set right all injustice and wrong

one day help them define rest in your

shadow as they live in the spiritual

shelter you provide for them let them

know that the only safe place is in

Jesus and that their home on earth is

only temporary


prayer for personal protection by Lynn

cook father I come to you today bowing

in my heart asking for protection from

the evil one Lord we are a sailed moment

by moment with images on television the

internet books and newspapers that leave

us vulnerable to sin of every kind

surround us with your divine hedge of

protection and compass us around about

with your strength and your might but

all who take refuge and you be glad let

them ever sing for joy and may you

shelter us that those who love your name

may exalt in you for it is you who

blesses the righteous man oh Lord

you surround him favored as with a

shield psalm 5:11 through 12

lord I ask that you protect our minds

father the mind set on the flesh is

death but the mind set on the spirit is

life and peace Romans 8:6

Oh God set our minds on you let us not

be conformed to this world but be

transformed by the renewing of our minds

that we may prove what your will is that

which is good and acceptable and perfect

Romans 12:2 help us by the power of your

spirit to think on whatever is true

whatever is honorable whatever is right

whatever is pure whatever is lovely

whatever is a good repute if there is

any excellence and if anything is worthy

of praise let our minds dwell on these

things Philippians 4:8 strengthen us in

the power of your might

o God dress us in your armor so that we

can stand firm against the schemes of

the devil we know that our struggle is

not against flesh and blood but against

the rulers against the powers against

the world Force’s of this darkness

against the spiritual forces of

wickedness in the heavenly places

Ephesians 6:10 through 12

you are keeper oh Lord

the shade on our right hand protect us

from all evil and keep our soul garter

going out and are coming in from this

time and forever

in Jesus’s name Amen


prayer for protection from earthly

enemies precious Jesus you know what it

means to be pursued by earthly enemies

because of your compassion and

understanding you know that the harm we

and our families face every day ask

Christians and followers of yours we

will be marked as enemies our children

need protection from bullies from

misguided Avengers and from false

philosophies that attack their spiritual

heritage fiendish plots pursue our

children’s hearts daily and try to

entice them into harmful practices pull

our loved ones tightly more and never

let them go command your angels Lord to

keep us in all our ways so that no harm

or disaster will come near to our home

or our lives our trust is not in our

ability but in your stability as our El

Shaddai our weapons of warfare are

spiritual and we look to you for victory

show us when to speak up when to listen

and when to act always aware that you

are fighting our battles for and with us


show us when to speak up when to listen

and when to act always aware that you

are fighting our battles for us and with

us teach us to love our enemies to pray

for them but to resist evil in your

powerful name we don’t fear those who

might try to hurt us physically we are

confident in our eternal security our

fear is a holy righteous reverence based

on who you are and whose we have become

in you as commander-in-chief you will

defend us from all earthly enemies and

as long as you are with us we fear no

evil in your name Amen

prayer for children’s security by

Rebecca Barlow Jordan Lord I pray that

my kids grandkids will develop an

internal perspective and purpose not an

earthly one help them to see life and

every challenge through your eyes eager

and unafraid to share with others the

good news of Jesus wherever they go I

pray that they will set their minds on

things above not just what’s going on

here and that they will be rooted and

grounded in your love I pray that they

will come to understand the extent of

your own love for them that it surpasses

all the head knowledge that they will

acquire in school I pray that they will

be filled up with you from morning till

night prayer for your husband’s

protection Lord Jesus I ask you to

protect my husband and shield him from

danger make him strong defined by your

character so that he can lean hard on

you for wisdom in any situation guard

him by the power of your name and allow

nothing formed against him to prosper

hold him close to your heart with his

eyes focused always on you at home work

or wherever he goes keep his heart and

thoughts pure lead him away from

temptation and help him to be

continually aware of the enemy’s efforts

to distract deceive or discourage him

cancel every attempt to discredit my

husband or his salvation may your right

hand strengthen him daily as you guard

him with your presence help him where

his spiritual armor well as he tries to

lead his family with integrity and honor

seal up the exits that cry for escape

when responsibilities grow heavy on his

shoulders thank you that you promise to

carry his burden and lighten his load in

the daily battles of life

preserve his testimony and keep his

faith rooted deeply in you lord

you are his sure defense and you are the

only one who can truly keep him safe

thank you Jesus

Saint Patrick’s breastplate protective

prayer celtic monks used it to start

their day the hymn was several stanzas

long and the last two stanzas were

especially memorable and moving Christ

be with me Christ within me Christ

behind me

Christ’s before me Christ beside me

Christ to win me Christ to comfort and

restore me Christ beneath me Christ

above me Christ and quiet Christ and

danger Christ in hearts of all that love

me Christ and mouth a friend and

stranger I find unto myself the name the

strong name of the Trinity by invocation

of the same the three and one and one

and three of whom all nature hath

creation maternal father spirit word

praise to the Lord of my salvation

salvation is of Christ the Lord


priestly blessings prayer from scripture

number 6 22 through 27 is known as the

priestly blessing and sometimes the

ironic benediction there are seven

requests made in this prayer the Lord

said to Moses tell Aaron and his sons

this is how you are to bless the

Israelites say to them the Lord bless

you and keep you the Lord make his face

shine upon you and be gracious to you

the Lord turn his face toward you and

give you peace so they will put my name

on the Israelites and I will bless them

1 the Lord bless you two and keep you 3

the Lord make his face shine upon you 4

and be gracious to you 5 the Lord turned

his face towards you 6 and give you

peace 7 so they will put my name on the

name of your child

flesh children

scriptures for protection and safety

from the Bible but the Lord is faithful

and he will strengthen you and protect

you from the evil one 2nd Thessalonians

3 3 god is our refuge and strength an

ever-present help in trouble psalm 46:1

my prayer is not that you take them out

of the world but that you protect them

from the evil one

John 17:15 and lead us not into

temptation but deliver us from the evil


Matthew 6:13 because you will not

abandon me to the realm of the dead nor

will you let your faithful one seed

decay you make known to me the path of

life and you will feel me with joy in

your presence with eternal pleasures at

your right hand

Psalm 16:10 2:11 five psalms that remind

you God is near even though I walk

through the darkest Valley I will fear

no evil for you’re with me your rod and

your staff they comfort me

Psalm 23 for you are my hiding place you

will protect me from trouble and

surround me with songs of deliverance

psalm 32 7 the righteous cry out and the

Lord hears them he delivers them from

all of their troubles Psalm 34 17

because he loves me says the Lord I will

rescue him I will protect him for he

acknowledges my name Psalm 91 14 the

Lord is near to all who call on him to

all who call on him in truth

Psalm 145 18


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