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How To Use The Weapon Of Prayer When It Comes To Spiritual Battles

Source: The Weapon Of Prayer

How To Use The Weapon Of Prayer When It Comes To Spiritual Battles



Read The Transcript below:

If The Enemy Can Get Us To Pay More

Attention To The Issues Of Life

Instead Of Paying Attention To The One

Who Can Solve The Issues

Then We Are Effectively Surrendering To

The World

We’re Focusing On The Sickness Instead

Of The Healer

We’re Focusing On The Addiction Instead

Of The Deliverer

We’re Focusing On The Lack Instead

Of The Provider And That’s Precisely

What The Devil Wants It Is No Secret

That As A Child Of God You Are A Prime


For Attack Precisely Because You Are On

The Side

Of Good But Just Because The Enemy


Doesn’t Mean That You Have To Give In

Just Because The Enemy Attacks Doesn’t

Mean That You Have To Fall

For His Deception Just Because

The Enemy Attacks Doesn’t Mean That You

Have To Lose Your Mind

When The Enemy Attacks Lift Up Your Eyes

To The Heels And Proclaim My Help

Comes From The Lord And God Will Cause

You To Live Above The Battle

With Him In Victory And If There Is One


That I’d Like For You To Take Away Today

It’s Psalms 34 Verse 7 Which Reads

The Angel Of The Lord Encamps Around


Who Fear Him And He Delivers Them


Another Translation Says For The Angel

Of The Lord Is A Guard

He Surrounds And Defends All Who Fear


Another Reads His Angel Guards Those Who

Honor The Lord

And Rescues Them From Danger

The Message Here Is That We Have Angelic


When We Fear God We Have Angelic


When We Honor The Lord

Just Think About An Angel Camping

Outside Your Home

Or An Angel Working With You In Close


As A Bodyguard Would That’s The Level Of

Protection Offered

It’s Not Physical It’s Supernatural

It’s Not Limited It’s Divine

The Backup Doesn’t Need To Be Called

Over The Phone And Then

Require You To Wait Until They Arrive No

This Level Of Protection

Is Heavenly Saints God

Is With Us God

Is With Us And If He Is With Us

Who Can Stand Against Us Who Can Stand


Jesus No One No Man

No Demon No Devil

So Fear Not We Are Protected

We Are Covered We Are Secured

How Often Do You Pray For God’s


How Often Do You Turn To The Word Of The


In Search For A Passage That Reassures


About The Protection You Are Offered As

A Believer

You See When Two Professional Athletes

Are Fighting

One Of The Main Rules They Are Told

Is To Protect Yourself At All Times

And I Believe That If You Look Closely

Throughout The Bible We Too As Believers

Are Told To Protect Ourselves At All


Not Through Our Own Might Or Strength Or


But As Believers We Are To Remain Under

The Supernatural Protection

Of Jesus Christ Because We

Are In A Fight

Someone Once Said I Only Pray When I’m

In Trouble

But I’m In Trouble All The Time

And So I Pray All The Time

Saints When Life Is Good We Should

Remember To Pray

When Life Is Challenging We Should

Remember To Pray

Come Rain Or Sunshine Pray

Whether It Floods Or It’s A Dry Season

Remember To Pray Whether It’s A Blizzard

Or Heat Wave Pray

Regardless Of The Season You’re In

You Are Protected By Your Prayers

You Are Strengthened By Your Prayers


It’s A Fight For Some Of Us Just To Pray

Every Day

It’s A Fight To Read The Word Of God

Daily It’s A Fight To Be A Doer Of The


And Not Just Someone Who Hears The Word

You And I Are Fighting Against The Many


Of This World We’re Fighting At Times

Against Our Own Flesh And Our Own Bodies

And Of Course We Are Fighting Against

The Devil

And So I Would Like To Remind You To

Protect Yourself

At All Times Not Through Your

Own Strength And Might But Through The

Supernatural Protection

Offered By Jesus Christ

Do Not Let Your Guard Down

Now As A Child Of God We Have Many


We Have The Devil And His Demons As An


We Have The World And The Flesh As


But I Want You To Understand That All Of

These Enemies That We Face As Believers

They Have One Thing In Common They

Cannot Win Against The Power Of God

They Cannot Overcome The Blood Of Jesus

They Cannot Destroy You When You Abide

Under The Shadow Of The Almighty

The Devil Has Been Defeated And Is


In The Name Of Jesus The World And The


Has No Power No Hold Over Us

As Bloodwash Saints Of The Lord And


We’re Told That If We Resist The Devil

He Will Flee We Are Told That In Christ

We Are Dead To The Desires Of Our Flesh

And Are Made Alive

In The Spirit Jesus Tells Us Not To Fear

The World

Because He Has Overcome The World

We Have Nothing To Fear From These


As Long As We Have God His Spirit And

His Word

We Are More Than Conquerors In Christ


Ephesians 6 12 To 13 Says

For We Do Not Wrestle Against Flesh And


But Against The Rulers Against The


Against The Cosmic Powers Over This

Present Darkness

Against The Spiritual Forces Of Evil In

The Heavenly Places

Therefore Take Up The Whole Armor Of God

That You May Be Able To Withstand In The

Evil Day

And Having Done All To Stand Firm

There Would Be No Need For You And I To

Take Up The Whole Armor Of God

If We Weren’t In A Fight

It’s The Whole Armour Of God That Helps

Us To Fight

All The Various Evil Entities From The

Kingdom Of Darkness

First Timothy Chapter 6 Verse 12 Says

Fight The Good Fight Of The Faith

Take Hold Of The Eternal Life To Which

You Were Called

And About Which You Were Made The Good


In The Presence Of Many Witnesses

You See Walking By Faith And Not By


Is Also A Fight For Us

Galatians Chapter 5 Verse 17 Says

For The Desires Of The Flesh Are Against

The Spirit And The Desires Of The Spirit

Are Against The Flesh For These

Are Opposed To Each Other

To Keep You From Doing The Things You

Want To Do

The Flesh And The Spirit Are Against

Each Other They Are Opposed To Each


And This Is Another Fight We Have To


So I Would Like To Encourage You Today

To Remember That You Are In A Fight

However You Are Not Fighting Alone

Nor Are You Fighting From Your Own


And From Your Own Ability

Our Blessing As Believers Comes From The


That God’s Word Says To Us In

Deuteronomy Chapter 3

Verse 22 You Shall Not

Fear Them For It Is The Lord Your God

Who Fights For You

Our Blessing As Believers Comes From The


That The Word Of God Says To Us In

Exodus 14

14 The Lord Will Fight For You

And You Have Only To Be Silent


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