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Tony Evans Sermons 2021 – Sermon Notes (Free PDF + MP3 Download)

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Tony Evans Sermons 2021 – Sermon Notes (Free PDF + MP3 Download) , We know you will always like to get the latest sermon by Pastor Tony Evans , get started below.

List Of Top 5 Tony Evans Sermons 2021:

Pass On Divine Favor – Tony Evans Devotional

Tony Evans Throwback Videos, Celebrating 40 Years of Faithfulness, 6

Time to Grow Up – Divine Reset | Tony Evans Sermon

Understand that there are some mountains that you can talk it out and watch them crumble, but there are others that you just have to put on your boots and walk it out because you deserve to be at a higher altitude than you’re currently occupying. Sometimes you have to go through some things in order to arrive at a place you’ve belonged for a while now. Your labor isn’t in vain, it’s a down payment on your victory. God doesn’t promote those who are proud and over perform, He promotes those who persevere. Keep scaling whatever tried to stand in your way and deny your progress and be prepared to see life at a whole different vantage point. Stop talking the talk and allow your walk be your words directing you to victory. It’s marching time!!

Your Career and Your Calling | A Sermon by Tony Evans

Don’t Abandon Your Blessing – Tony Evans Sermon

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