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Top 10 Powerful Songs By Apostle Joshua Selman (2020)

Source: Apostle Joshua Selman

Top 10 Powerful Songs By Apostle Joshua Selman (2020) , This includes the free MP3 Audio files , Download below and enjoy.

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List Of Apostle Joshua Selman Songs:

(105 MINUTES OF SOAKING WORSHIP) Apostle Joshua Selman Worship collection

Heavenly Father,
I thank you for being the Alpha and Omega over my life and being better to me than I could ever be to myself. With all that our world is facing, thank you for never changing who you are to fit in a narrative or when adversity strikes. Thank you for being the same God that you are now, as you’ve always been and will forever be that faithful preeminent force presiding over my life. In a year that we’ve questioned so many people, relationships and leaders due to instability, thank you for not being moved by today for only you know what tomorrow brings. Lord, I ask today that you continue to bring us out of the darkness into your marvelous light and teach us how to be steadfast during these trying times. Let your Mighty Hand guide us, and your Spirit illuminate our paths. This we ask in Jesus name. Amen.

One Hour Deep Spirit Filled Worship with Apostle Joshua Selman

Make sure your goals are aligned to your purpose and not a response to people. Let’s face it, everybody has an opinion regarding you and there’s nothing that you can do to change it, so stop trying to set your goals and resolutions based on changing their minds. When you set goals to show up people you’re worshipping their opinion of you over the one God created you to be. When you walk out your purpose it’ll turn the right heads on it’s own. Let 2018 be the year where who they want want never is greater than who God called you to be.

Take All Of Me (Everything) – Apostle Joshua Selman (Slideshow)

Heavenly father we place every plan, resolution and promise in your hands and ask that you not only established them but make us a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming year. Lord your word says that everything loosed in heaven shall be loosed on earth so I pray that every promise loosed in heaven with my name on it shall come to pass in 2021 and not return void. I speak to every word spoken over our lives and I command it to activate in the atmosphere until our reality resembles that promise. Lord give us the wisdom necessary to stay in our ready position to receive what you’re birthing this season. Thank you for breaking us through this year because every loss was a lesson to put us into a better position for a bigger blessing in 2021. We give you all the praise, honor and glory in Jesus name. Amen.


DEEP WORSHIP SESSION with Apostle Joshua Selman

Heavenly Father I pray that 2021 is labeled the year of freedom from past pain. Lord as we lay our burdens down at your feet that you lighten the heaviness, heal the brokenness & give us a new lease on love. As we draw closer to you replace the void in our hearts caused by past hurt with your unconditional love. I release ownership of the pain I’ve protected and hid within from everyone and I give you TOTAL CONTROL. No longer will I block the things that you have in store for me due to fear of reliving past patterns. This day…..we give it all to you so that you may give us rest and a new year of unrestricted love. This we ask in Jesus name. Amen.

The Koinonia Worship Experience-1 with Koinonia Worship Team

Father God I pray in 2020 that you give us clarity of vision in order to spot all distractions keeping us away from your will, purpose and plan. We ask that you expose the impostors and counterfeits and remove them from our lives. Every covenant built on bad foundation we ask that you tear it down immediately and reestablish our original vows to Kingdom connections. No longer will we tarry, making U-turns in the wilderness, we pray for clear instructions, swift application and accelerated execution in Jesus mighty name. Amen.


We can’t get so caught up in the commercialization of the holidays that we lose sight of the real reason for the season. Despite our sins and us falling short of His glory God gave us a savior to right our wrongs and get us back on track with His original intent for our lives. Take minute this holiday to truly assess who Jesus to you and how He can be all these things plus much more. All you need to do is repent, confess, believing He died for your sins and ask Him to come into your heart. Understand that the best gift you can possibly have this season is the gift of eternal life through Christ so do not miss that opportunity. Jesus is more than just a name He’s EVERYTHING.

Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak – My life must change

Understand that your purpose may not always be popular to average people but sometimes you need to let the crowd around thin out so that God can bring the right people to impact. Realize that you carry something great within you that’s of value and it needs to be shared. Don’t worry about what will people think because nobody can illustrate your gift better than you. Trust me when you’re operating in the full potential of your gift you won’t have to worry about who’s watching you. In fact people will be drawn to you from all directions because an executed purpose is the most attractive attribute you can wear. Make sure you’re advertising the right brand and do it for a cause, not applause.

Chanting In The Spirit – Apostle Joshua Selman

In life there’s nothing new under the sun so don’t be surprised if you’re faced with sabotage, even from those you considered close to you. Keep in mind that even Jesus had a Judas around Him in close proximity. But just because He had a Judas and his life never altered his destination it only confirmed it even more. Just because you have people who stand against you and turn their backs on you doesn’t mean that you’re bad, it means your qualified for God to change your outcome. Understand that before every triumph you might encounter a backstab or two, but just know your bounce back is right around the corner. Don’t get caught up in addressing your saboteur, at the right time God will convict them during your coronation.

I will never be the same – Apostle Joshua Selman

For some of us, this year has been one of the most difficult years of our lives but don’t just look at your adversity, look at how far you’ve made it. Allow me to encourage you and let you know your survival wasn’t by coincidence, God positioned you to breakthrough all the things that tried to break you down. Understand that though you may have been persecuted you were preserved for a reason because you are a warrior. God gives the toughest test to the strongest soldiers, not to take you out but to take you up. The very reason why you had to sacrifice so much this year because God is priming you for promotion. Prepare yourself for advancement in 2021. All the things that tried to take you out will be the only validation you need to gain access to deserving doors in this upcoming season.

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