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Steven Furtick Sermon Today – November 30 2020

Source: Steven Furtick

Steven Furtick Sermon Today – November 30 2020 , Listen to this life changing sermon shared by Steven Furtick In the first week of November 2020.

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Summary: Steven Furtick Sermon Today – November 30 2020

Regardless of what has happened this year, don’t forget who the Author and Finisher of your faith is, God. While the rest of the world wants to shut down and fast forward to January, remain confident that God’s best is yet to come even still while we are in 2020. If you are still waiting for God to change something this year, continue to confidently prepare for what you’ve been praying for with the expectation that you will see the manifestation in your now season and in your next season. God doesn’t need an entire year to blow you away with blessings but He can surely take a negative year and turn it into a positive having you walking out the year more blessed than you began. All you need is to have faith, continue being diligent in seeking Him and begin to observe God’s goodness all around in your land. Get ready to see your year change from grief to goodness making this a December you’ll always remember!

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