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Alph Lukau Private Jet

Pastor Alph Lukau Private Jet and Real Price of the Jet

Source: Pastor Alph Lukau

Pastor Alph Lukau is regarded as one of the pastors that like to live a luxury lifestyle , His Private Jet is Valued at $9 Million , This jet was acquired 5 Years Ago.

According to online and other sources , Pastor Alph Lukau’s Private Jet is part of his business , because he normally rent it out in exchange for cash.

Pastor Alph Lukau might be acquiring a new private jet soon , because of the large growth of his members , we believe he needs more jets to convey them.

Below are pictures of his Private Jet and note that you can use the comment section below to add more facts.

Alph Lukau Private Jet
Alph Lukau Private Jet

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