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Shopping Malls in Anambra State

List of Shopping Malls in Anambra State 2022

Source: Anambra State

Anambra state does not have a lot of shopping malls.

This is surprising given the state’s large population and ongoing business operations.



The majority of Anambra State’s shopping malls are privately owned.

The state government, on the other hand, has made significant efforts to build world-class shopping malls in Anambra’s major cities of Onitsha, Awka, and Nnewi.

Shopping Malls in Anambra State
Shopping Malls in Anambra State

The only completed government-owned shopping mall in Anambra state is the Onitsha mall, which was built under Mr Peter Obi’s administration.

Shopping malls are quite popular in major Nigerian cities.

These are one-stop shopping facilities where a wide range of goods and items may be purchased.

Shopping malls in Nigeria also function as a social meeting spot for people to meet friends and companions.

Anambra state’s few shopping malls are thriving.

This is because of the state’s large population.

As a result, investors are encouraged to invest in and build new shopping malls in Anambra State as a result of this post.

This article will go through the biggest shopping malls in Anambra.

List of Shopping Malls in Anambra State 2022:

The following is a list of the biggest functional malls in Anambra State at the moment.

This page will also list the locations of all shopping malls in Anambra state.

Onitsha Shopping Center

Onitsha Shopping Complex is Anambra State Government’s first finished and operational shopping mall.

Onitsha Mall is located on ABS road, off Awka road in Onitsha.

In Onitsha, it is also where Shoprite is located. Individuals can also apply to open and run businesses at the Onitsha Mall.

The mall is located on a vast plot of land that was once the Anambra Broadcasting Service premises.

Onitsha Shopping Mall is Anambra State’s largest shopping center.

Awka Roban Stores

Roban Stores Awka is a large and one of Anambra state’s shopping malls.

Robans Group, a corporation with interests in hotels and shopping malls, owns this exclusive shopping mall.

Roban stores awka is located on Arch. Bishop AK Obiefuna road, near to CBN awka.

Roban Stores is the largest shopping mall in Awka and its vicinity, and it also houses private businesses such as Pax Pharmacy, Fine Brother, and others.

Nnewi Roban Stores

Roban Stores, Nnewi is the only functional shopping mall in the area.

The Nnewi shopping mall is still under development and appears to be a government project that has been abandoned.

Nnewi Nnobi road is where you’ll find Roban Stores Nnewi.

It is built on a wide plot of land and has private stores adjacent to it.

Fine Brothers, Pax Pharmacy, and Photo Studio are among the establishments of Roban stores Nnewi.

Currently, these are the only big and functional shopping malls in Anambra.

We expect that more will sprout up shortly to contribute to the state’s economic prosperity.

Awka’s Radopin Shopping Mall

Radopin is one of Anambra State’s biggest shopping malls.

The Radopin shopping mall is located near Awka’s Akwata Junction.

The one-stop shop mall offers clients a world-class shopping experience while also providing requested commodities and gloceries at reduced prices.

Awka’s Everyday Supermarket

Everyday Supermarket is one of Awka, Anambra State’s biggest shopping malls.

Everyday supermarket Store Everyday supermarket’s 12th location is in Awka. It is sometimes referred to as Emporuim 12.

Everyday Supermarket Awka is located on the old INEC road, directly across from the Regina Ceali Junction in Awka.

It is one of the greatest shopping malls in Anambra, with a wide range of items available at reasonable costs.

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