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Reviews: – Scam or Legit (I Dey Pay)

Reviews: – Scam or Legit (I Dey Pay) , iDeyPay QuickCash is a convenient way to send and receive money using bitcoin. Cash out directly into any Nigerian bank account instantly.

Experience a better way to send money to Nigeria securely. With iDeyPay QuickCash, you can send and receive bitcoin directly from your bank account within minutes.



Summary: Reviews: – Scam or Legit (I Dey Pay)

Why Send Money with iDeyPay QuickCash
Sending money to Nigeria is as simple as sending bitcoin from your preferred app.

Real time exchange rates to get the current bitcoin price.

No transaction fees.
24/7 Customer Care Support.
No sign up needed.
Fast and accurate payment.

Note that , Yes, This limit is set to comply with CBN anti-money laundering policies, the limit on each account using iDeyPay QuickCash is $3000 daily. If you would like to increase your daily limit, please send us an email.

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