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Bishop David Abioye

How I Came Into Living Faith Church – Bishop David Abioye

Source: Bishop David Abioye

Ministry is a call, not what you desire. I needed to say that because I did not desire ministry. I was simply a lover of God; I love God and was running after God. I never thought of ministry. I was dreaming of having a modern high tech workshop which was my greatest aspiration. I was doing everything I could to get that done while at the same time, loving the Lord as a believer. One thing led to the other, and in the process I was privileged to meet God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo.

Bishop David Abioye
Bishop David Abioye

When I met him, I saw in him the kind of passion in greater dimension of knowing Jesus and following after him. That fired me up. In the process of time, God gave him a vision for ministry and I found myself serving him with great love for Jesus. Even then, when the ministry commenced, I was still pursuing my passion for an automobile engineering workshop. Until finally, the Lord spoke to me, to abandon what I was doing to serve under his servant. That is how I came into the ministry.


God has different ways of dealing with people. My spiritual relationship with God has always come in most simple and modest way. I have had God speak to me, mostly through inner voice and deep conviction, which I believe is one of the strongest ways of God speaking to people, just like in Elijah’s experience on the mountain; the still small voice. When that voice comes it is usually with strong conviction. Every time I hear God in such a manner it is with assurance and rest. The Lord spoke to me that He has an assignment for me under Bishop David Oyedepo, which is what I refer to as my calling to the ministry. I have said this several times that my ministry is to see to the fulfillment of his ministry. It’s more of supportive ministry; while he deals with major issues, I look into smaller issues to prevent distraction. In all, little or big, I am doing what I’m assigned to under his calling.

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