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Ninja Blender

Buy Ninja Blender (Price In Nigeria) – Cheapest – 1500 Watts – Lagos – Abuja

Source: Ninja Blender

Buy Ninja Blender (Price In Nigeria) – Cheapest – 1500 Watts – Lagos – Abuja  , It’s selling out fast guys don’t dull yourself.

Now let me tell you something about this ninja blender. Ninja is not my papa product, I hardly hype of speak about product that isn’t mine.

Ninja Blender
Ninja Blender


The first time i saw this product on amazon years back, i was like which one be ninja 🥷 and then i saw the price about 250k I screamed yekpa! 😂 when i have blenders of 50 to 60k and my people dey even complain talk more of 250k.

So i snubbed the product and stick to the ones i know. As times goes so many people was asking me about ninja blender, i mean thousands and millions of people was just asking me abt this product and when i try to tell them that it’s very expensive they will be don’t worry oga just bring am. Ok oh

Then i tool my time to study this product only to realize that this is no doubt one of the best blender in the world for now so i picked interest.

Ordering this product wasn’t an easy one at all but thank God it’s done and dusted 😂

I put up on the price and many people where saying 200k for just blender, na so me i talk oh when i no sabi am.

Kindly do me a favor please, google ninja blender and see the price they tag it online about 250k

Now i just stocked up about 100pcs of this and need to turn over and get my money back asap and pay bank that gave me loan there money (cough).

I am selling it for just #180,000 naira now. Get yours now before it finishes.

Order now via dm / WhatsApp click link in bio or visit

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