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Opunimi Akinkugbe

Biography Of Opunimi Akinkugbe – Nigerian ambassador to Greece

Source: Opunimi Akinkugbe

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Biography Of Opunimi Akinkugbe – Nigerian ambassador to Greece – Opunimi Akinkugbe, Nigeria’s ambassador to Greece, has disclosed that her son granted her the opportunity to escort him down the aisle on his wedding day, according to IGBERETV.

Akinkugbe, who is also a financial education specialist, claimed that the honor came as a surprise to her, but she accepted it when her son requested it.

Opunimi Akinkugbe
Opunimi Akinkugbe

She posted on her Instagram account:

“The function of the Mother of the Groom has traditionally been far more limited than that of the Mother of the Bride. It’s normally at the couple’s decision.

It was thus a great joy to get a nice message from my son on March 23rd asking whether I would like to walk down the aisle with him! I’m used to seeing the groom stroll with his best man, but I’ve never said yes that quickly!!

It was one of the most meaningful moments of my life to be taken by my son to my front-row seat and then to his position ready to meet his beloved Rekha!

My spouse and the bride’s mother trailed us closely behind. That’s a beautiful touch.

I went with the assurance that, by God’s Grace, his choice of a life mate, our lovely daughter Rekha, is ideal.

The music for our mother-son dance was an easy choice. @wizkidayo’s “Blessed”!

I am extremely blessed, and I trust that God will continue to bless and protect their relationship as they travel through life’s path.

In due order, they will be celebrated in the Nigerian manner. #LagosTrad”

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