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“Should A Christian Wear Jewelry?” – What Bible Says

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“Should A Christian Wear Jewelry?” – What Bible Says

Hello Friends Pastor Doug Batchelor Here


We Want To Welcome You To Our Friday

Evening Bible Question Of The Week Where

Today We’re Going To Be Talking About An

Interesting Issue Should A Christian

Wear Jewelry I’m A Little Concerned That

After I Shared This With You A Number Of

You Are Gonna Defriend Me And But You

Know I’m Prepared For The Outrageous

Fortune And Slings And Arrows If I Can

Just Be Faithful To The Word I Know That

You Want To Know What Does The Bible

Actually Say Let Me Read You A Few

Verses Just To Kick This Study Off 1st

Timothy 2:9 And 10 In Like Manner Also

That Women Adorn Themselves In Modest

Apparel With Shamefacedness And Sobriety

Not With Broided Hair Or Gold Or Pearls

Or Costly Array But That Which Becomes

Women Professing Godliness With Good

Works Not With The Gold And Pearls And

Costly Array Now I Want To Read 1st

Peter Chapter 3 Verse 3 And 4 Whose

Adorning Speaking Of The Women Whose

Adorning Let It Not Be The Outward

Adorning The Plating Of The Hair And

Wearing Of Gold And Putting On Of

Apparel But Let It Be The Hidden Man Of

The Heart In That Which Is Not

Corruptible Even The Ornament Of A Meek

And Quiet Spirit Now When We Talk About

Whether Or Not Christians

Men Or Women Should Be Wearing Jewelry

We’re Talking About A Biblical Ideal

We’re Not Talking About What May Have

Happened In History Or What Some People

Do And I Want To Say Right From The

Outset They’re Gonna Be Thousands Indeed

Millions Of Christians In Heaven That

May Have Worn Jewelry But We Want To

Know What Best Pleases The Lord What Do

The Scriptures Teach On This And I Think

You’ll Find As You Go From Cover To

Cover In The Bible That When Christians

Spent A Lot Of Time Taking Money To

Adorn Their Physical Bodies It Can

Become A Distraction You Know Jesus Said

Let Your Light So Shine Let’s Talk About

The Inner Light You Can Say Let’s Your

Cross Your Goal Your Pearls So Shine He

Wants It To Be The Inner Light For

Example When The Children Of Israel Came

Out Of Egypt What Do You Think They Made

The Golden Calf Out Of They Ended Up

Worshiping It Was The Jewelry And You

Can Read About This In Exodus 32 Verse 2

Aaron Said To Them

Break Off The Golden Earrings That Are

In The Ears Of Your Wives Of Your Sons

And Your Daughters And It’s In The Wives

And Sons And Daughters Today So All The

People Broke Off The Golden Earrings

That Were In Their Ears And They Brought

Them To Aaron And He Received The Gold

From Their Hand And Fashioned It With An

Engraving Tool And Made A Molded Calf

And They Said This Is Your God O Israel

That Brought You Out On The Land Of

Egypt And This Were These Were The

Treasures That They Had Spoiled From The

Egyptians Now There’s Nothing Wrong With

Gold In And Of Itself Or Pearls Jesus

Talks About A Man That Found A Pearl Of

Great Price But These Things Had Real

Value Because They Were Rare And

Precious Gems Or Minerals But To Wear

Them It’s Kinda Like Wearing Your Money

Why Would You Do That

And So You Know I Think The Bible

Discourages This They Got Them From The

Egyptians They Ended Up Turning It Into

A God Now There Are A Lot Of Christian

Men And Women I Know That They May Wear

Some Jewelry But There’s Always The Risk

That There Are Some People Who Are

Insecure About Their Appearance They

Don’t Feel Like They Have Enough Value

And They Try To Increase Their Perceived

Self-worth By Wearing Valuable Things

And You Know I’ve Never Known Of Anyone

Who Looked At A Christian And Thought

They Were A Better Christian Because

They Were More Jewelry

Indeed The Opposite Has Occurred A Few

Years Ago A Number Of Televangelist Got

Into Trouble For A Variety Of Scandals

And Someone Wrote A Song Would Jesus

Wear Rolex Because These Televangelists

They Often Prosperity Preachers Were

Brandishing Their Gold In Their Pearls

And And The Extravagance And The

Ostentatious Appearance Turned The World

Off And The World Was Mocking These

Professed Christians Because The Bottom

Line Is Really What Would Jesus Do The

Bible Says In All Things We Ought To

Pattern Our Lives After Him Can We

Picture Jesus Boring Holes In His Nose

Or His Ears And Hanging Jewels Off Of

Them You Know The Bible Tells Us That

Our Bodies Are The Temple Of The Holy

Spirit And Again It’s The Custom Of The

Pagans That Would Go And Poke Holes In

Their Bodies And Cut Themselves You Can

Read In Leviticus 19:28

You Shall Not Make Any Cuttings In Your

Flesh We’re Not To Cut Ourselves In The

Flesh For The Dead Or For Ornamentation

Our Bodies Are Holy You Can Read In 1st

Kings 1828 The Priests Of Vail They

Custom Get A Cut And They Pierce

Themselves To Please Their Diabolical

God You Can Read Where This

Demon-possessed Man In Mark Chapter 5

That He Went About And He Cut Himself

With Stones And I Guess You Could Say

That The Devil Believes In Body Piercing

Because Look What He Did To Jesus But

It’s Not God’s Plan For Us Where To

Treat Our Bodies This Hole

While I’m On The Subject And I Won’t

Spend Long Run It The Bible Says You

Should Not Be Printing Any Tattoo Marks

On Your Body

Our Bodies Are Holy And I Know That’s

Just Gone Wild These Days So It Says

Again In 1st Corinthians 3:16 Don’t You

Know That You Are The Temple Of God The

Spirit Of God Dwells In You Deuteronomy

14 1 And 2 You’re The Children Of The

Lord Your God You Shall Not Cut

Yourselves You Are I Holy People But In

The Beginning When The People Misbehaved

And They Made That Golden Calf In At

Mount Sinai What Did God Say To Them

Later The Lord Says In Exodus 33 5 He

Said To Moses Say To The Children Of

Israel You Are A Stiff-necked People I

Will Come Up Into The Midst Of You In A

Moment And Consume You

Therefore Now Put Off Your Ornaments

From You That I Might Know What To Do On

To You You Know Not Be Decking Ourselves

As A Sign Of Humility And As Where The

People Who Are Waiting For The Second

Coming Of Jesus We Should Be Modest And

Humble In Our Appearance I Know One

Thing In The Judgment Day I Will Not

Stand Before The Lord And The Lord Is

Not Going To Say To Me Doug I Can’t Let

You In Because You Didn’t Wear Enough

Jewelry Whenever You’re In Doubt Do The

Same Thing And So You Know I’ve Just

Decided I’m Gonna Follow These

Scriptures And Say Let It Not Be The

Gold And The Pearls In The Outward

Adorning Not To Mention These Things

Cost Money And Yet You Know

You Want To Ask How Far Do You Want To

Go And While You’re On The Subject The

Principle Is Not Just In Your Tire It’s

In Your Home In Your Car Christians

Shouldn’t Be Ostentatious And Flamboyant

Um When Jacob Wanted To Meet With The

Lord I’m Going To Read To You From

Genesis 35 Verse 1 God Said To Jacob

Arise And Go To Bethel And Dwell There

And Make An Altar To God Return To The

Lord And Worship God Who Appeared To You

When You Fled From The Face Of Esau Your

Brother Then Jacob Said To His Household

And All The Room With Him Put Away The

Foreign Gods That Are Among You Purify

Yourselves Change Your Clothes Let Us

Arise And Go To Bethel I’ll Make An

Altar To God Who Called To Me So He

Answered Me In The Day Of My Distress

And Was With Me In The Way Which I Went

And They Gave Jacob All The Foreign Gods

That Were In Their Hands And The Rings

That Were In Their Ears And Jacob Buried

Them Under An Oak By Shechem Notice A

Comparison Between They Turned Over The

Foreign Gods They Had Been Collecting

Idols And Jewelry These Things Often

Went Hand In Hand In The Bible And You

Know When You Look In Revelation You See

Two Women Are Pictured In Revelation 12

You’ve Got The Church Of God She’s

Clothed With Purity And Light The Sun

The Moon The Stars The Light That God

Made You Go To The Counterfeit Church

You Find In Revelation 17 And It’s A

Counterfeit Light It’s Gold Pearls Its

Earthly Ornamentation So To Speak And So

This Is Really A Question Of Modesty Now

I Know What I’m Saying It’s Not Very

Popular And Some People Are Gonna Be

Offended By This And They Say Why Would

You Make Such A Big Deal Over Such A

Little Thing But That’s The Point Maybe

It’s Not Such A Little Thing With Some

People And That’s Why It’s So Difficult

But I’m Of The Opinion The Bible Teaches

That Christians Should Lay Aside Their

Their Wearing Of Jewelry It’s

Interesting That You Can Read In Isaiah

Chapter 2 Verse 20 When The Lord Comes

At That Point People Are Gonna Cast Away

Their Idols Of Silver And Gold To The

Rats And The Bats And The Moles It’s

Gonna Be Worthless

Isaiah Talks About The Daughters Of Zion

Who Walked With Outstretched Necks And

It Talks About Their Wings And Their

Jewels And Their Ornamentation And He

Says He Talks About The Pride Of The

Daughters Of Zion And That’s An I Say At

Chapter 3 And So You Know As You Look At

The Panorama Of Things You Find In The

Bible While We’re On The Subject

Someone’s Gonna Say Well What What About

A Wedding Ring Now First Of All Wedding

Ring There’s Nothing In The Bible That

Says You Need To Wear Wedding Ring This

Is Something That’s Come From Tradition

It Springs From Paganism Again I Want To

Reiterate There Are A Lot Of Dedicated

Spirit-filled Christian People To Wear

Wedding Rings I Choose Not To I Just I

Don’t Wanna See How Close To Tradition

And Paganism I Can Be I Want To See How

Close To The Bible I Can Be And Give You

A Little History On It For Instance You

Can Read John Henry Newman He Was A

Cardinal In The Church Of Rome He Wrote

That Constantine In Order To Recommend

The New Religion Of Christianity To The

Heathen He Transferred To It The Outward

Adornments To Which They The Heathen Had

Been A Custom In Their Own It’s Not

Necessary To Go Into A Subject With The

Diligence Of Protestant Writers They’ve

Made This Familiar For Most Of This But

The Use Of Temples And The Dedicated To

The Particular Saints Incense Candles

Holy Water Processions The Ring In

Marriage Even The Catholic Church Admits

That The Marriage Ring Was Introduced By

Pagan Rome Into Christianity To Make

Christianity More Appealing And

Tolerable To The Higgens Further Proof

For This And Most Of The Early King

James Bibles There’s Actually A

Statement That’s Called The Mulliner A

Petition Because A Thousand Protestant

Or Puritan Pastors Were Appealing To

King James Among Things They Were

Peeling Is That They Were Not Required

To Give The Sign Of The Cross Anymore

The Wearing Of A Cap Or White Gown Of

The Clergy The Use Of The Ring Be

Dropped From The Marriage Ceremony The

Puritans And Protestants All Believed

This You Could Read A Quote By John


Who Is A Course Of A Protestant Minister

One Of The Great Revivalists He Said I

Exhort You To Wear No Gold Or Pearls Or

Precious Stones I Do Not Advise Women To

Wear Rings Earrings Or Necklaces It Is

True These Are Little Very Little Things

Therefore If They’re Not Worth Defending

Therefore Give Them Up Let Them Drop

Throw Them Away Without Another Word

Else A Little Evil May Cause Much Pain

In The Flesh A Little Self-indulgence

May Hurt Your Soul And It Could Make

Your Brother Stumble By Your Example So

This Is Just I’m Discovering The Tip Of

The Iceberg Here I Think There’s A Lot

In The Bible We Don’t Hear About

Christian Appearance Ornaments Modesty

And I’d Like To Encourage If You Want To

Know More On The Subject I Have A Book

We’ll Share With You For Free It’s

Called Jewelry How Much Is Too Much

Gives More Detail All Of These

Scriptures And Many Others Just Click On

The Link Bottom Of This Youtube And

You’ll Find Out How You Can Get A Free

Copy And Then Share It With Your Friend

God Bless You

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