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List Of Emmanuel Atuanya Catholic Songs – (Free MP3 Download)

Source: Emmanuel Atuanya

List Of Emmanuel Atuanya Catholic Songs – (Free MP3 Download)

1. Ocean of mercy. Catholic songs vol 3. Composed by Emmanuel Atuanya

2. Catholic songs vol 7. Lord consecrate. Composed by Emmanuel Atuanya


3. Catholic songs vol 5. Oh Elshadi . Composed by Emmanuel Atuanya

4. Catholic songs vol 5. Tobechukwu composed by Emmanuel Atuanya

5. Nrioma. Catholic songs vol 5. Composed by Emmanuel Atuanya

6. Entrance Song. “Obi nemem niriniri” Catholic songs vol 5. composed by Emmanuel Atuanya.

7. Catholic songs vol 7. “Kanyi jee nye ya onyinye” Composed by Emmanuel Atuanya

8. Easter Song. Catholic songs vol 7. Nuria na Kristi Ekuligo. Composed by Emmanuel Atuanya

9. Catholic songs vol 4. Virgin Mary Sweet Mother. composed by Emmanuel Atuanya

10. Catholic songs vol 4. Jesu Oririnso

11. Catholic songs vol 4.Accept our gifts Lord. composed by Emmanuel Atuanya.

12. Catholic songs vol 4. Oriri Nso N’enye ndu. composed by Emmanuel Chukwudi Atuanya

13. Catholic songs Lord Consecrate Composed by Emmanuel Atuanya

14. Catholic songs vol 7. Labanu na missa agwusigo composed by Emmanuel Atuanya

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