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Saint Jude Prayer Request

Saint Jude Prayer Request – Prayer Line – Contact

Saint Jude Prayer Request – Prayer Line – Contact – Let God remove what He knows is keeping you from the true you. Unforgiveness is keeping you from shining. Insecurity, compromise, anger are blocking the best you from coming out. Work with God. Be willing to change. We don’t have to be perfect, but we should be growing. We should be better than we were five years ago.Saint Jude Prayer Request

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We should be kinder, more respectful, have a better attitude. We should be more confident, more secure. We should forgive quicker, overlook offenses easier. We should compromise less, resist the temptation more often. That means we’re letting the chisel chip away things that are hindering our growth. We’re seeing more of the “true you” coming out.

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  1. pray for Magdalena Lovejoy lonliness and grief snd relationships to heal and Jhana Maya bradshaw relationships to heal. Pray Magdalena Lovejoy have more contact with her son Elad Kamphuijs and that Naomi and Arnold and Seth Kamphuijs give her more contact.


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