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Uebert Angel Prayer Request - Phone Number , Email , WhatsApp

Uebert Angel Prayer Request – Phone Number , Email , WhatsApp

Source: Uebert Angel

Welcome to the prayer request page , you can now use Uebert Angel Prayer Request – Phone Number , Email , WhatsApp to stay connected to him

Note that the Prayer Request details below is derived from major sources to make sure you are connected to this man of God.


Uebert Angel Prayer Request details shared below is only for official use.

Uebert Angel Prayer Request - Phone Number , Email , WhatsApp
Uebert Angel Prayer Request

Steps to use Uebert Angel Prayer Request:

1. You can send your prayer request to Uebert Angel Official Phone Number: +44 333 344 8612

2. Sending a mail to Uebert Angel might be the easiest way to send your prayer request to him , send a mail to [email protected]

3. You can also visit his church to submit the prayer request by yourself , kindly use the address below:

Coliseum Suite

310 High Road


London, IG1 1QW

Sundays @ 10.30am

Summary: Uebert Angel Prayer Request – Phone Number , Email , WhatsApp

We’ve all been wronged by someone in our lives but if we stopped for a moment and compared what Jesus went through, our offense may no longer seem that egregious.

Jesus was arrested, beaten, whipped, cursed/spit at and crucified all the while being an innocent man.

Even after all of that, He still had enough love left to ask God to forgive us all, because we don’t fully understand what we do.

Realize that forgiveness is meant to be full circle, if we refuse to do our end of the bargain how do we expect our own sins to be forgiven? Take EVERY bit of pain and offense to the altar and give it to God by simply saying “Forgive Them Father”.

By doing this you no longer have to carry the burden of pain anymore and you become free to fully walk out your salvation.

Set yourself free of wrongs either knowingly or unknowingly. If Jesus did it for you, it’s the least you can do.

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  2. Please pray for us we are in a problem my monthly salary will not pass whole month in the middle of month my salary finishes. I don’t know why but please pray for us and I buy prize bonds please pray for prize bonds that our prize bond hits the first prize

  3. Please pray for me and my wife we want to have kids my wife has a stomach problem. It disturbs her to conceive. I believe and trust that God will bless us put us in prayers we are in Zambia


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