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9ja Cash

Customer Care: 9ja Cash loan app , Phone Number , Email Address

Source: 9ja Cash

Customer Care: 9ja Cash loan app , Phone Number , Email Address , if you think you there is any need to contact 9ja Cash , please use the details below.

9ja Cash


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We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback, questions, or concerns, please e-mail us at [email protected] or find us on Facebook!

Email: [email protected]
Address: Admiralty Way, Beside Tantalizers, Providence House 105112, Lekki Phase 1, Nigeria

Reviews: Customer Care: 9ja Cash loan app , Phone Number , Email Address

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28 thoughts on “Customer Care: 9ja Cash loan app , Phone Number , Email Address”

  1. I made a repayment through bank order no is JA210624407751 registered fone number 08108380263 pls change d loan status

  2. Good evening i am one of ur client am to pay 27080 i paid 17250 a lady called me i made the payment the day am due and that week i tried. to explain to her to give some time due to my son condition she refused rather she message my contact calling i and my husband a thief i ask to send apology message to my contact before i complete my payment it was not done a guy from your company with this number08039758768 never call to hear my side he started messaging my contacts calling me a criminal if i am i will not pay at all i will sue your company for this i need an urget reply for this

  3. Good afternoon
    Please you guys are embarrassing me when you are giving out loan bitrus you didn’t contact me now that he was unable to pay you are disturbing me Please I don’t want to receive any emails or messages from you.

  4. I made a payment of #35000 on Friday but you still went ahead to debt me #37965 on Sunday. Pls my money have to be refund back to my account pls.

  5. I really want to express my displeasure in your service. This program is call instant loan but I applied for a loan since morning to meet up with urgent need but I was placed on review that I will be called. I had to go to another platform to borrow money which they did within 2 minutes. And now is the time you came and credit my account. Please I don’t need that money again. Kindly take that money back. Thanks

  6. I’m sending you this message in respect of one Mr Adebobola Anthony Davies , of phone no 08136366456, that I have nothing to do with the loan you claim that he collected according to the messages being sent to me , may be the guy use my number as a guarantor without my consent, please tell your legal team to stop sending arasing messages to avoid any misunderstanding.

  7. Good morning, I made payment of 72000 into your UBA account through POS and direct from my account yesterday. My app has not been cleared. Messages are still being sent to me regarding my outstanding loan balance and the need to pay up today. Pls cross check it. I am Archibong Archibong Asuquo. Thanks

  8. Good afternoon I made a payment of #18915, since morning and still yet u have not cleared me, I made the payment through pos, the name of the pos is zezocashmoney, 08138680876

  9. I am Chief Tony A Dania Esq. I was surprise that you sent me this sms:
    TREAT AS URGENTThis is to inform the general public that:Name: Ibrahim fatima funmiPhone: 08185985092is a DECIETFUL PERSON,THIS PERSON has PROVEN to be UNREASONABLE ,UNRELIABLE and UNREMORSEFUL DEBTOR who goes about COLLECTING MONEY from different COMPANY. This person is currently HOLDING our companys money(N-CASH) and has refused to pay nor pick our calls. Be informed that this person CANNOT BE TRUSTED WITH ANY FORM OF TRANSACTION. Pls contact THIS PERSON AND COMPEL HIM/HER TO MAKE PAYMENT, else the company will proceed to the next action, because this person provided us with your details and if you are not aware of this loan you can as well call the person to delete your information in the app, because soon the person pictures along side your own pictures will be posted on all social platforms in the next FEW HOURS. N-CASH MEDIA TEAM. BE WARNED!”.
    I dont know you, I dont know the person you mentioned, you never called me or sent me SMS when you gave loan to the person. It’s so ridiculous! You threatened to publish my picture. Pls, I dare you to publish my picture in any way, negative. I shall take a most expedient legal action against you and you will pay with your noise!! Can you imagine! And, pls, take note, do not ever ever send me this kind of msg any more.

  10. Beware Of Sokoloan, 9jacash, Get Cash, Fast Money, 9credit, GoCash: Avoid These Loan Apps Like a Plague! Never Collect Loan From These Apps, Don’t Even Try It Because You Will Regret It.

  11. Please I made my payment on the due date please clear me,and I need a number to call, so I can send the prove to, because your agent are sending messages to my contact when I already made the payment, I need a number to call

  12. Am john goke I pay some money to u b a account I need to talk to your consumer care forther assistance please 9ja cash

  13. I paid my loan of 46800, but to my surprise 9ja cash customer service sent message to me that I just wasted money that the they are not using the bank I paid to again that I should pay the money have already paid again


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