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Palmcredit Loan App - Customer Care - Phone Number , Contact - Login and Register

Palmcredit Loan App – Customer Care – Phone Number , Contact – Login and Register

Source: Palmcredit Loan App

Palmcredit Loan App – Customer Care – Phone Number , Contact – Login and Register , The Real WhatsApp Number and Email Address will be shared below , Note that “Palm Credit Is The Best”

Palmcredit Loan App - Customer Care - Phone Number , Contact - Login and Register
Palmcredit Loan App

For more information,contents or suggestions:
• We are available 24/7 to assist you with your request
• Service Hotline: 017001000 (9am – 6pm(Mon-Fri), Sat-9am-5pm)
• Service Email: [email protected]
• Facebook :
• Linkedin:
• Instagram:


Summary: Palmcredit Loan App – Customer Care – Phone Number , Contact – Login and Register

This app got me anoyed, i add my card number for several time and the more there said try again,the more am been debited for three good time…while trying to get a loan it show..reason:token invalid.. Warm tips:please try again Am sick of trying for several time and more over the money am been debited is not return to my account please fix it

Hi John, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience experienced. Kindly state your exact experience with the APP for better assistance. You can always reach us on [email protected] or via our hotlines on 018888188 or 017001000. Thank you for choosing palmcredit. O.O

-Loans interest rate:4% to 24%,Equivalent monthly interest 4% to 4.7%,the annual percentage rate (APR) on a Palmcredit loan is 24%~56%.
-Example:If you choose a 6-month loan and borrow NGN100,000,Plamcredit charges an interest rate of 4% per month.Borrow NGN interest rate:24% and the APR is 48%.180 days repayments of NGN24,000.Total amount payment is NGN124,000.

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14 thoughts on “Palmcredit Loan App – Customer Care – Phone Number , Contact – Login and Register”

  1. Ave made a repayment since yesterday now,d money has been deducted from my acct,still u guyz didn’t message me ,delinquent is still written on it nd d due is still increasing…I don’t even understand dis app at all,dis is not my first time of taking loan nd making a refund but dis time around it’s difficult.your staff Ave been threatening me to spread it all over my contacts that am a scam am not trustworthy imagine. Pls I beg u people should help me sort it out today haabaaa..

  2. I applied for #60000 for three months and they said the interest is #27000 after I collected money they now send messages to me that each a month is #27000 and I can not continue with it please I want to pay off by tomorrow I cannot continued with the three months please teach me how to pay off because I don’t want problem

  3. Pls I tried to pay my loan payment nd it has been on pending for an hours now, calling the customer service but they ar not picking pls I need you to clear the dept ooo

  4. I asked for a loan , which I refunded yet I was debited again making twice (12,890). I called your customer care and they said it will be refunded in 7working days. 7 working days have passed you people are yet to refund the money , so if I have such money to throw around would I ask for an online loan in the first place? I couldn’t use the loan for the purpose I asked it for and am yet to be even refunded the money . Sincerely this is not far at all. Abeg I await a reasonable response ASAP.

  5. So why exactly would I make a refund as at when due , yet your machine deducted another money from my account. Now am yet to get back the money and it’s more than seven working days now.

  6. Please I got a palm credit of 3000.i got a message saying I should pay up or my phone will get restrict I didn’t use all of the money..I’m going to get paid at work by month end please help me out ..

  7. I applied for loan and paid it back. I wanted to apply for another loan which has not been disbursed. Strangely Palmcredit is asking me to repay a loan they never disbursed. I called one of your agents who promised to look into the matter. Now you are sending messages that my repayment is 2 days time. I am not owing you and if you call any of my contacts I will sue you to court.

  8. I make payments in full after some hours I received message from my bank debit of 937.25palmcredit please send my money back or will meet I cut ..from Monday


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