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Pastor Alph Lukau Children

3 Hidden Facts About Pastor Alph Lukau’s Children

Source: Pastor Alph Lukau

Pastor Alph Lukau is a lover of children , so with this reason many people cannot differentiate between his Biological Children and Spiritual children.

Today we are going to quickly tell you the 3 Hidden facts you may not know about Pastor Alph Lukau‘s Children.

Pastor Alph Lukau's Son
Pastor Alph Lukau’s Son


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3 Hidden Facts About Pastor Alph Lukau’s Children

  1. Pastor Alph Lukau is married to Celeste Lukau , They are now married for 10 Years and we promise to keep you updated on the wedding anniversary news and pictures.

  2. They have been blessed with sons and one of them is known as Richie Lukau. Apart from his biological children, Pastor Lukau and his wife have a lot of spiritual children.

  3. No update of having a biological children has been recorded , we promise to keep this page updated once we have news or update about this information.

Pastor Alph Lukau Children
Pastor Alph Lukau Children

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