1. Pastor Alph Lukau Ferrari
1. Pastor Alph Lukau Ferrari

Pastor Alph Lukau is one of the richest pastors in Africa , with his classic Private Jet to expensive fleet of cars , Today we are going to show you some of Pastor Alph Lukau Cars.

Do you know that the total net worth of Alph Lukau cars is currently valued at $20 Million , these include both gifted cars and cars bought by himself.

We will want to let you know that pastor Alph lukau is one of the most influential pastor in Africa.

Full Pictures Of Pastor Alph Lukau Cars and Prices

1Pastor Alph Lukau Ferrari

1. Pastor Alph Lukau Ferrari

2Pastor Alph Lukau Range rover

Pastor Alph Lukau Range rover

3Pastor Alph Lukau Royce Rolls

Pastor Alph Lukau Royce Rolls

4Pastor Alph Lukau Bentley

Pastor Alph Lukau Bentley
Bentley Mulsanne
Bentley Mulsanne

5Alph Lukau Power Bike

Alph Lukau Power Bike


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