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Chris Oyakhilome

“If Jesus Brought Eternal Life, Why Do Christians Still Die?” -Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Reiterates

Source: Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, Nigerian televangelist and General Overseer of Believers’ Love World Incorporated, also known as Christ Embassy, spoke today on “Family Day Celebration Service” through a live broadcast on his church’s Facebook page. While lecturing on the subject, the pastor addressed a fundamental question: why do Christians die while having eternal life? He emphasized that he had already answered this question.

“First and foremost, I want you to realize that Enoch, Elijah, and Jesus Christ were raptured from the Earth into Heaven,” says Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Now, the Bible predicts that this will happen to Christians in large numbers. While it is true that Jesus brought us eternal life, why are we still dying?

Chris Oyakhilome
Chris Oyakhilome


“The Bible teaches us that Jesus beat death, but the same Bible also teaches us that death is the final adversary to be vanquished.” As a result, death was not totally eradicated. According to Jesus’ revelation, the church will be raptured alive.”

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